Monday, March 6, 2017

Hello Family and Friends,

So we got transfer calls this morning and I found out that I will be staying another 6 weeks here in Midwood with Elder Smith. For the record that is 8 transfers straight in Brooklyn which will add up to a year! What can I say, I love it here. I am excited to have another with Elder Smtih, we have gotten super close and he is one of my favorite companions! I've learned a lot from the guy, he definitely loves all the People he serves.

But this week was quite an interesting one! Last Sunday night I was having some bad body pains so I was pretty worried, so I asked for a blessing and in the blessing it was said that everything will go away and I won't have to worry because I am meant to finish my mission! It was so cool cause after the blessing the spirit was very strong and I could just feel the power of the Priesthood heel my pain. I started crying because of how strong the spirit was and how much of Gods Love I was feeling. It strengthened my testimony of the power of the priesthood. But because of this, the mission nurse had me go get it checked out, so I had 3 doctor appointments which took up so much
time. The good news is nothing is wrong and I can just focus here. But because we were running around with these appointment we didn't have anytime to study. So for 3 days straight we didn't study the scriptures and you could tell it had an effect on us. So on Saturday morning we finally got to sit down and study the Book of Mormon, both Elder Smith and I had very spiritual experiences reading that day. We both had questions on our mind and were both feeling discouraged but as we read we felt at peace. Right after that we had a lesson with Bradley and we were talking about the Book of Mormon. We told him of the power it has and how we feel like God was speaking to us each time we read. So he asked for an example of what answers we had received so we both got to share our studies that we had that morning with him. It was cool to see how out personal studies helped Bradley. God works in mysterious ways. Friends do not stop reading the Book of Mormon ever! It's the only thing that will help us happily get through the day and that's a promise!

Also yesterday in sacrament I was sitting there and thinking of what I could do better because it was a slow week, so I prayed asking God to send me experiences that will help shape me into the person I need to be in these last 4 months, and I kid you not that same night we had an awesome experience. We went over to Evens house and we knocked on the door and he wasn't there, so we sat and waited for like 10 minutes and he didn't show up. So we started thinking about a new plan. So we left his apartment and went down the elevator and what do you know Evens
and his family are just getting home and about to step in the elevator. We went back to his apartment and got talking and found out he is having some liver problems. So Elder Smith and I both got the impression to ask if he wanted a priesthood blessing. We explained it and he said yes, so we where about to explain that he needs to have faith and before we could he said "and so you know I do believe and have faith in God that he will heal me".  So in the blessing it was said that everything will be okay as he continues to follow God plan. After the blessing he sat there and prayed for like 5 minutes giving thanks cause he wasn't feeling pain anymore. He told us for now on he is not going to miss a Sunday of church and will always be there. It was exactly what he needed and also what I needed.

So each day I continue to see the love that God truly has for us. He knows exactly what we are going through and what we need. I am grateful for this transfer and for the things that I've learned. I am really excited for next transfer cause me and Elder Smith are gonna go so hard and baptize all of Brooklyn! I love you all. Have a great week

Elder Jeppson

I guess it's rude to not eat all the food is out so Elder Parrish
and I had like 7 plates each😅

dinner with a member fam

Exchanges with the assistants in lynbrook. I got to see some member
friends. :)

My first Zone leader came back and visited

Monday, November 7, 2016

"The only dog I trust is me"

Hello Everyone!

Well it's been one heck of a week! As you all know I was transferred this last week! I am still in Brooklyn but now it's southern Brooklyn in a place called Midwood! It's only been a week but I already love this place so much! People are a lot nicer and open here then they were in Parkslope so that's a blessing. It's very diverse as well! There is a lot of people from Europe, Asia, South America, Russia, the islands (Jamaica, Trinidad, Haiti, etc..), and A LOT of Jews! It's a cool area! 

My new companions name is Elder Sainteran! He is originally from Haiti but right now he lives in the Dominican Republic. And he is completely fluent in four languages!! Haitian Creole, French, Spanish, and English! Crazy stuff. He is super funny too! He reminds me a lot of my first companion Elder Barola! He says funny things all the time so I made a quote Book of him haha. We saw a dog on the sidewalk and he is really afraid of dogs so he bolts to the other side of the street and I finally catch up to him and I said dude what was that all about, and he said "The only dog I trust is me". Another funny story is we were on the bus and when you get in the bus they give you a ticket and you can't lose it because sometimes the NYPD gets on the bus and check who has their tickets and who doesn't, and if you don't you get a big fine. So the police came on the bus and of course Elder Sainteran couldn't find his ticket, so we have to get off the bus so he could look for it otherwise he'd get a big fine. He is searching through his bag and all his pockets and can't find it, but then he finally found it wrapped up in a butterfingers wrapper with chocolate all over it haha. The police man says "well looks like it's your lucky day", please note that this cop was super rude and had throwing out snarky comments. We then left and Elder Sainteran was so mad! He said "F that Effer". (But he said the real thing) And I said "dude you're a missionary, you can't go around saying that!!" He then said "oh yeah I forgot that's offensive in The U.S." I guess in Haiti they say it all the time and it means nothing. Honestly it was the funniest thing ever to hear him say that in broken English. I was rolling! 

Anyways the work this week was amazing! I got to this place and I was a little skeptical becuase honestly we had only like 2 people to teach! But then out of no where things just started going crazy this week!! We found 5 new investigators and two of them have baptismal dates for December 11th and the other ones are very promising! We even have a family of 11 people that we are teaching! It's incredible. 

Two of the people which we found are named Ed*** and Ev***! Elder Sainteran talked to Ev*** on the bus and he said that we could come over sometime and share our message. So we went over Saturday and we talked to him and his wife. He has heard a lot of false things about the church so it was good because we resolved all of his concerns. He was told that we practice polygamy and that we wouldn't allow him in the church because he wasn't a member. He then said  "I cannot believe that people lied to me and kept me from the truth" we then taught the restoration and he is preparing for baptism on Dec 11th!

Now Ed***! So Ed*** was a referral from his daughter who lives in Florida! She actually just got baptized on Saturday. So he wanted to know what the church was all about. We taught him the restoration and now he has a baptismal date for Dec 11th! After, he prayed for the first time in a long time and after he did he stood up and said "oh wow I feel good". Spirit yeah.  

So yesterday they both showed up to church and we had two other investigators show up as well! It was great because the ward fellowshipped them nicely and they had a great experience. I was talking to evens about the Book of Mormon and he told me as he started reading, the spirit was just hitting him so strong that after one page he couldn't put the book down! There is power in the Book my friends! 

So it was a really good week! This transfer is going to be really good and we are going to see a lot of miracles! Sorry this was so long, but a lot went down! Have a good week all!

Much love 

Elder Jeppson

Monday, October 31, 2016

I Truly Felt What Conversion Is

Good morning everyone! 

First off I got a call from President and I will be leaving Brooklyn! I'm a little sad but it'll be nice to have a fresh start! So tomorrow I will meet my new companion and go off to a new area! It will be hard to leave Elder Garcia though! He has become one of my best friends and I have learned a lot from him! I'm sure going to miss the guy! But hey change is good! 

It's kinda funny because we all thought Elder Garcia would be leaving so he said bye to all the ward members and investigators and turns out he's staying. On the flip side I thought I was staying so I didn't say bye to anybody! So today is going to be a busy day saying bye to everyone. Actually this morning we went to say to my favorite member brother B****! He's 24 years old and is like a homie to Elder Garcia and I. He lives in a really nice place and this morning he took us to the 55th floor of his building and we had the perfect view of New York! I'll send the pictures we took. But when we were up there it hit me hard how lucky I am to serve here and how much that I am really going to miss this place! 

Also, on Saturday we volunteered at a park and put on  like a Halloween carnival! It was fun stuff. They actually had a Halloween costume contest for dogs and it was the cutest little thing! But I got to go around asking for donations for the next years dog show and you know with my boyish cute smile I raised over 200 dollars in 20 minutes. I'm pretty proud of that! ;)

Other than that nothing crazy happened this week! Just a lot of service and getting fed by members because they all thought Garcia was leaving lol. I'm not even mad! 

But to end this email I want to talk about how much I learned this transfer! It may have not been the best missionary work wise but I know I've grown these last 6 weeks! I found out what kind of missionary I want to be, I truly felt what conversion is, I found out what kind of person I want to be, and I've found out what is really important in life. It's so cool how much the mission has helped me right now and how it is going to guide me in the choices I make in my future. I can already see it now guiding me, because I have found myself thinking about how it'll effect my future family before I make any choice. I am thankful for Elder Garcia for his example of love for others but especially family, and showing me what conversion is. I love my mission and I love all of you! Thanks for all the love and support! 

Much love, 

Elder Jeppson

Monday, October 24, 2016

You Make the Work Really Fun

Good morning everyone!

So it's cooling down here in the Big City! These last few days have been rainy and windy but we're still having fun! It was another great week for us! But honestly the good stuff only happened during exchanges so sorry but this whole email will be about my exchanges 

So first of all last Monday night we had exchanges and I was with a guy named Elder Calhoon! He's a funny missionary and he kinda looks like a sloth lol. But Monday night we were out talking to people on the street and we ran into these two guys sitting on a bench. It started out okay, he was talking to me but then out of no where he looks at Elder Calhoon and starts trying to tear him down. He tried to say things that were wrong about our church and tried to like destroy  Elder Calhoon's testimony. When he realized that is wasn't going to work he started yelling and said "get the F out of here otherwise I'm going to kill you". He literally was like an inch or two from Elder Calhoon's face. I started to walk away but realized the Calhoon was in shock and wasn't going to move, so I had to pull him away before he got punched. As we were walking away some lady stopped us and told us she was with Christ and she felt that, that guy had a Demond in him. After she said that it all made sense. We had a bad feeling about the guy but we talked it him anyways and his whole motive was to tear us down. The devils got a hold on people's hearts out here. I'm so glad that Elder Calhoon didn't get punched! But hey it would have made for a great mission story! 

Then on Wednesday I went on exchanges with my last companion Elder Shepherd and his companion Elder Adams. So the thing to know about these two is they are exactly the same! Both very socially awkward and very pale, white, skinny dudes. So them walking through the hood of Brooklyn is the funniest thing I've ever seen! But they are great missionaries. We actually taught four lessons and talked to a lot people on the street so it was awesome. After they told me they were grateful for that exchange because they have been in a slump for a little bit and this reminded them how happy you are when your are diligent. Elder Shepherd is a lot better at talking with people from the last time I was with him so that made me one proud father. Haha but after we got home that night and they made me play a game called dungeon and dragons. It was a cute bonding experience. 

But then Friday was the best exchange I've had! I went with a missionary named Elder Barton! He is such a stud! He has only been out for 6 months but he is the best teacher out of any missionary I have ever met! He just has so much love for people and is so sincere when he teaches. We were finishing up the exchange and I asked him if he learned anything and he told me that this was the best exchange that he has ever been on. He told me that out of all the Zone leaders he's had on his mission that I was his favorite. I told him that he didn't need to lie to me I won't be offended. But he said "no, seriously you know how to be a missionary! You lead by example and truly live the gospel, but you also make the work really fun". That was the best compliment I've ever received! It made me feel so good about myself. It helped me to have more confidence because sometimes I still feel like I'm not qualified for this position.

I love serving in this position so much now all because of the missionaries in our zone! I've definitely learned more from them then they have from me. But it has been great to help them through their hardships. 

So overall it was another great learning week! I'm just loving my mission each and everyday! Have a great week everyone! Much love 

Elder Jeppson

Monday, October 17, 2016

We will be Changed from It and It'll Change the Course of our Lives

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed your week! I know I definitely did! I really think this was the best week of my mission!! So let me tell you about it! 

So first is our boy T***! So Troy is still struggling financially (because he has 8 kids and no job) and he's still struggling with the word of wisdom and said he literally is doing everything in his power to stop. We got over there and he told us what was going on and he asked instead of us having a lesson if we could give him a blessing. His exact words were "I know you guys have the authority from God, please bless me". We talked about the power of the atonement first then Elder Garcia gave one of the most powerful blessings I've ever heard! He straight up told him that from this day forward he would live the word of wisdom and because of that his family would be blessed. The spirit was so strong after, T*** had tears in his eyes and you could see in him a determination to change! So he gave us his lighter and all his cigarettes and we got to go throw them away for him haha. The next day we went over to see how he was doing and he was just so excited and looked so happy! We found out that literally right after we left last night he got a call from his old boss telling him that they had an opening for work and that T*** can start next week!! God is good! Then after we wanted to actually read the story of Enos with him and he told us "hey I actually read this story earlier today", we didn't even ask him to! He explained Enos's whole story to us and it was just a big spiritual experience about true repentance. After the lesson we were walking to the train station and I just had the biggest smile on my face. Elder Garcia said "Why you smiling so much", and I just said because I am so happy right now I could cry. And literally right after I said that tears started running down my cheeks because of the spirit I was feeling and because the love I felt for T***! I can honestly say that, that day I felt the love that God has for Troy. It was another confirmation to me that this is where I needed to be. I just couldn't stop crying! It was a tender moment for Elder Garcia and I. 

Then on Friday I got to run my first Zone Training Meeting. Not going to lie I was really nervous! I was reminded again that day that anxiety doesn't go away lol. But the cool part is, is that even with how inadequate I was feeling I just felt that everything would be okay. And as I gave my training to help these missionaries the words just rolled right of my tongue. After I had a few missionary come up to me saying that they learned so much. Honestly I had no idea what I said. The spirit is good!! I was then reminded once again of Ether 12:27Where it says if we humble ourselves God will turn our weaknesses into strengths. It was a cool!

And then the best day of my mission was yesterday!! The one and only Elder Jeffrey R. Holland visited the New York New York South Mission! Since Apostles have such strict schedules none of us missionaries went to church and we all meet in a big gym where Elder Holland spoke to us. It was amazing! I even got to shake is hand. Right as he walked into the room the spirit just hit everyone! The Apostolic power is real my friends! So in his address he talked so much about change. He told us that if any returned missionary goes home and goes inactive then "Shame on you, and shame on me". The reason they send out 18-19 years olds is because this is pretty much the time where we decide who we want to be. And when we go and actually SERVE missions, we will be changed from it and it'll change the course of our lives. He then brought the fire about the Book of Mormon. He told us that this is THE converted tool in the gospel and we should use it in every situation to help the people we work with. And he then ended by saying "missions are not meant to be easy, if they are then you're doing it wrong". He then said "The road of salvation goes through Gethsemane"When we serve our missions we are going to feel just a little what Christ has felt. We will have to suffer just a little bit. His testimony of the savior just pierced everyone's soul. He is truly an Apostle of God!

So yes it was the best week of my mission! This week truly made me feel that I am finally truly converted to the gospel and that "I am lost in the work". I love my mission so much! I love These people so much and they are all I want to think about. I honestly have never been happier! I honestly don't want to know where I would be at in life if I didn't serve a mission! I am so thankful that Heavenly Father has changed me into the person I am today. The church is true, the Book is blue!

I love you all! Have a great week 

Elder Jeppson

Monday, October 10, 2016

A Good Leader is one who is a Friend

Good morning everyone! I hope all is well

As for me! Wow it was a really great week! Let's get right into it!

So first of all on Tuesday night we had the privilege of having President Reynolds come out teaching with us! It was an amazing experience. We taught The T***** family who are less active. Usually when we go over there the kids are all rowdy, the mom is trying to come them down, and the dad usually just chills there. But when we brought President Reynolds they were on their best behavior and fully engaged in the conversation. We talked about faith and President just went off about how the only way we can be truly unified and happy as a family is if the Book of Mormon and the gospel is the foundation of our home. He testified that when he and his family were reading the Book of Mormon and Praying as a family they were the happiest and were able to resist temptation. The spirit was so strong in their home that night. It totally had a big impact on the parents. You could definitely tell that they were pondering and motivated to do better! 

We then taught another member who is returning to activity. She has been doing really good!! I don't know if I told this story already but I'm going to again. There was a point where she wasn't even coming to church then she started to let the missionaries come by. She came back to church and was pretty consistent about it. We then asked her if she wanted to go to the temple but she said no because she was scared that we did weird things in there lol. But then we taught her about the Book of Mormon and she started reading 15 chapters a day and finished it in less then a month. She then went and did baptism for the dead and is now working towards her endowments! This last week we talked about missionary work with her and President was so great in this lesson. We asked her if she would allow us to teach any of her family of friends and she said "its crazy that you mentioned this because I just referred the missionaries to go see my sister". President told her by sharing her testimony with her sister and others Is fulfilling her missionary responsibilities! And by doing missionary work she will truly become converted to the gospel! So she is just amazing! Miracles yeah!

On Friday we had what we call "Mission Leadership Council" where all the leadership of the mission gets together and talk about what our missions needs help with. And one of the assistance gave a Training on leading by example and truly loving the missionaries you serve. It really made me ponder of what kind of leader I am and who I need to be. Because there is a big difference in leaders who love and listen to you and are willing to get down and help lift you up and leaders who just yell at you and saw you need to do better. A good leader isn't one who is a great public speaker or really knowledgeable about things, it's one who is a friend, who loves, lifts and inspires. It was a really good lesson for me to learn! 

Then on Saturday we took C******* to the Temple!! It was such a cool experience! We had a member come with us and he got to baptize her! She said she loved the spirit in the temple! I also was able to confirm I few people so that was cool! It brought back memories when my Boy Jon campbell took us to the temple every Friday morning before school! After she took us to this really fancy Manhattan restaurant that was not cheap! But hey she insisted that she should pay so I didn't complain! 

So it was a great week for us but also our zone! We had 6 baptisms and 1 temple trip!! Miracles in the Brooklyn Zone! 

Have a great week all. Much love! 

Elder Jeppson

Monday, October 3, 2016

New York, the City of Dreams

Hello from the other side! :) New York the city of dreams.

So this week was solid!! There was a lot of distractions because of Mission meetings and general conference so the work was a little slower but it was still good! 

First and foremost, T*** is a such a stud! Man this guy watched all sessions on general conference and just loved it! We met with him earlier in the week and he is just so stoked to get baptized! Everytime we go over there he just brings up the fact of how happy he is to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost! Sometimes we don't realize how blessed we really are to have the Holy Ghost! Sometimes we just need to step back and understand that we have the opportunity to have the 3rd member of the God head with us constantly if we are worthy of it! With the Holy Ghost we can overcome anything life and Satan throws at us! That's why Troy is such a good example to me!

Also we met with C*******this week. Just a reminder, she's one of our recent converts. But this week we talked about the temple with her and she's actually going to go to baptisms for the dead this Saturday! I'm so excited for her. It's cool to see how strong she has been ever since she's been baptized. I know the temple will continue to help her stay active. 

While we're on the subject, we also have another member named W****** going to the temple on October 29th! But he's actually going to take his endowments out!! I've been working with him ever since I've been to this area! There was a period of time where he didn't come to church for 5 weeks! It's been cool to see the change in Him because within 5 months he went from being very less active to fully active and preparing to go to the temple! It's been so cool to work with him!  So miracles are just all over the place this transfer! 

I hope everyone enjoyed Conference this weekend! It seems that it gets better and better every time! I learned so much and I had a lot of my questions answered! My favorite talk Though was by LeGrand R. Curtis in the priesthood Session! He talked about the Book of Mormon and it was straight fire! I really liked when he said, "we need to make the Book of Mormon the foundation of our family and home." It made me think of how much the Book of Mormon has shaped my testimony and helped me through hard times on the mission. It's crazy every time I sincerely study the Book of Mormon I always feel the spirit so strong and it makes me never want to sin again haha. I've seen it truly change lives out here! All the people that I've seen get baptized are because of the spirit they feel when they read the Book of Mormon. If you are CONSISTENTLY and sincerely studying the Book of Mormon you WILL NOT falter in your testimony and that's a promise. So my challenge to you is make the Book of Mormon the foundation of your home. :) 
Conference Yeah!

But yeah it was a good week!! I hope you all have a great day! Much Love 

Elder Jeppson