Monday, July 27, 2015

Hello from New York. we're all alive

Hello family and friends:)

So Monday I woke up at 2:30 a.m. To leave for the airport. We got on a bus by 3:45 and left. We arrived at the airport at 5:30 a.m. so we sat around for two hours. Our plane left at 7:35 and we first landed it Detroit. We had a 50 minute layover there and then arrived in New York around 3:30. When we landed the mission president and his wife and the AP's were all there to pick us up. We got in the car and went straight to this area called Jamaica. And Jamaica is ghetto! It was so scary
and the people are mean.

So we went street contacting the first hour I got to New York. We went down to the subway station and anytime we walked up to somebody they started to speed walk or they would immediately say "I'm not interested". When it was my turn to go, I went up to this guy and then he just pretended not to see me or hear me. It was kinda funny but hurtful. I learned right there that this is going to be a tough mission.

After that, we went to the mission presidents home and had a great dinner and devotional. we spent that night there and I slept so good that night, it was awesome.

We woke up the next morning and headed to transfers meeting to see who our new companions were. And my companion is from the Philippines and his name is Elder Barola. He's been here for 7 months, he's really funny, and a real nice guy. My district leader is Elder Muti and he's a 300 lb Tongan. He's awesome. The others in my district are Elder Beecher (who was in the MTC with me) sister lamah (who is originally from Africa but now lives in salt lake). And sister Lemmon and she's from Idaho. They're all great missionaries.

Our area is "Huntington" it's nothing like the city. It's a suburban area and there is many trees. I like it a lot. Our area has cars and my companion doesn't know how to drive. So the first day I got to the mission I'm already driving. New York people suck at driving!! In the first hour I almost got in 6 car accidents! It was crazy but we're all alive.

We taught our first lesson on Thursday and it was a great experience. It was only supposed to be a 30 minute lesson but ended up being 1hr and 45 minutes. We taught him about the Holy Ghost and how to know you are feeling the spirit. He really opened up To us and shared personal experiences so it went really well. Then the next day we went door to door sharing our testimonies And asking if they are interested. Most say they are not and others call us liars and little girls, so it's pretty. But I like this place a lot.

We went to church Sunday and I was asked to speak, so I prepared a talk and was ready but we ran out of time in sacrament. So I will be speaking in two weeks. The ward I am in is great! There is only 80 members but they are so awesome and caring. It was a great first week in New York! Not many things happened so sorry if this letter was boring but I'm sure I'll start having amazing experience soon! Love you all thanks for all the support.

With love and care, 

Elder Jeppson
First night in the mission field

Elder Jeppson with President and Sister Reynolds

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