Monday, July 20, 2015

New York Bound

This morning, at 5AM, Elder Jeppson left the MTC for the airport where he was able to call us! Well, my parents decided to go on a Cruise which meant their cell service wasn't 100% reliable. They gave Braden a number that he could call. When he called, he was unable to get a hold of them, so he called me (Lindsey, his sister). It was a wonderful surprise to wake up at 6am to a call from your missionary brother. We got to chat a bit, then I tried a few times to get a hold of my parents with no success. So I had him record a message to my mom, because I knew she would be DEVASTATED if she didn't get to at least hear his voice (that recording is posted below, you get a nice view of the top of my head, and you get to hear my tired voice). Anyway, after we recorded that message we decided to call her cell phone and she actually answered! Wahoo!! So Elder Jeppson got to talk with his mother and father one more time before he heads out to the field.

He sounds great! He is anxious to get to New York and start finding and teaching God's children!

Stay posted for his address so you can send him letters!

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