Monday, August 24, 2015


This has been a fantastic week! I will say though that the first four days were really slow. We didn't get much work in so I was getting a little discouraged. But then I thought back and realized that not everyone in New York has the softest of hearts. So this week I learned more about patience. Sometimes in life you're going to start out slow, but it's going to be alright. And that's how my weeks have been, start out slow but finish strong.

On Friday I had the opportunity to go on an exchange with Elder Paterson, who is my zone leader. At first I didn't want to because I thought he was just there to evaluate me and see how my progress was. But it ended up being a great experience! We taught five lessons that day! It was so amazing how people were just being placed in our way. I really learned how important it is to talk to everyone you see. Usually my week consists with about four lessons, but just in one day we taught five lessons! And three of the five are now new investigators. My faith has truly increased.

Our first lesson we got bible bashed so hard by this Elderly couple. We tried to testify of what we knew instead of bashing back, and they just kept on grilling us! It was awful but funny at the same time. Every time The husband would talk his wife kept on saying "Amen baby". And at the end we said a prayer and they had us stand up and hold hands. I said the prayer and she kept on saying "hallelujah" after everything I said. It was silly.

After we got bashed we found another family down the road. They have six kids and they are going to be homeless next month. The mom has such strong faith. She said that the lord is just trying to humble their family, and she kept saying "the lord will bend me but not break me". I know finding them wasn't just a coincidence! They are so ready for this gospel. I can't wait to see all the blessings that it brings to their family. But This made me realize how fortunate I really am.
Sometimes I complain about life but I have a house to live in, my amazing family and people who love me, this gospel, and also a lot more! So I am so blessed! Elder Paterson is going to keep me posted on their progression.

In the night we went to Main Street and did "fearlessing". It's were we talk to everyone we see. So in the middle of New York there is two white boys in white shirts and ties talking to people who are drunk and going crazy. You could say it was an interesting experience. We got two peoples numbers and Elder Paterson will be having lessons with them next week. The exchange was such a good experience for me! I learned so much.

Now the best part of the week. We exchanged back and Elder Barola and I went to visit Mary. She's the lady I've been talking about lately who came to church and paid her tithing. We taught her "The Gospel of Jesus Christ". At the end of the lesson we were prompted to ask her to be baptized when she feels these things are true. She said "YES" and her baptismal date is November 22nd. She is so prepared! She wanted to say the closing prayer and in her prayer she asked Heavenly Father that she would be ready for her baptismal date and keep strengthening her faith.  She came to church again yesterday and said that when she comes it "gives her a good feeling" So she said she will be attending every week and we have another lesson set up with her on Thursday. I'm so glad we were lead to her! I've come to love the people I teach so much.

I'm finally letting myself Go and thinking of others. I've never been more happy and I look forward to going out and knocking instead of being scared to do it. When you put your faith in the lord everything will fall into place and I've truly seen that this week.

Thanks for the prayers and the support I can feel it each andeveryday! I love you all so much

With much love,

Elder Jeppson

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