Monday, August 3, 2015

Hey Friends and Family, It's Me:)

Hey it's me. This week has been really great/interesting. Remember when I talked about the guy that we taught about feeling the spirit? He showed up to church on Sunday! It was so cool that he kept his commitment! When I saw that he was at church, it was confirmed to me that what we were teaching him was from the spirit .  
We did a lot of knocking this week. Not much success but looking back at it I know that we planted the seed, and now when they're ready other missionaries will capitalize.
Not much really happened until Thursday. I had my first exchange, and for one whole day my companion was Elder Beecher. He flew to New York with me so he is also brand new. It was crazy that they put two brand new missionaries together for a whole day. I was a little nervous at first but it ended up being a great experience. He stayed at my place for the night so that made me the senior companion. I had the opportunity to lead in studies and other discussions. It was really a great learning experience. Applying what we've both learned really helped us work off while teaching and learn from each other. It's really cool to see how much you can learn in such little time.

So Elder Beecher and I went to the park to start talking to people, and it was my turn to go start the conversation. So we walked up to these three guys sitting on a bench, and one of the guys was rolling up a joint. He tried to hide it from us, but then realized that we already saw it so then he started rolling it again. So in my mind I said to myself "welcome to New York"

As a district we have had many service opportunities this week. We helped three people move this week! Seeing a smile on someone's face because you served them is the greatest feeling. One of the people we helped move out was brother and sister Mansuetto's daughter. The Mansuetto's are great members in our ward. They have a Mormon message about them so you should search it up on her name his Thea and his name is Frank. Frank doesn't have a filter and can come off offensive like my father. But he is so nice and funny when you get to know him! They always want us to come over its awesome.

It's funny, everybody here asks why I talk so weird, but I'm like what? You guys are the ones talking weird. So it's definitely different here. But I'm loving every second of it. Thanks for all the love and support. I'll keep the stories coming

With love and trust,

Elder Jeppson

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