Monday, August 31, 2015

One step at a time

This was a week of growing by trials. I really felt down on myself pretty much the whole week. After all the success we had last week I thought every week would be like that, but oh boy was I wrong! We didn't have nearly as many lessons as we have had in the past or any new investigators. This was a week of rejection and being yelled at.
So yeah the mission is very difficult sometimes. 

So on Saturday night I decided to go on the roof of where I live and pray to know why I was feeling all this doubt and disappointment in myself. After I prayed I realized that I was being humbled this week because of my attitude. I needed to know that this is his work not mine and that I need to give 100% all the time. And as I forget about myself and about my problems and start thinking about others, that is when I become an effective missionary. Changing my will to God's will is what I was being taught this week. So a very humbling experience.

It's funny even when I'm not being exactly obedient or giving my full effort that Lord still sends me amazing experiences and blessings. On Sunday Elder Barola and I were on guard duty at church. We have to make sure that no crazy people come in and try to pull stunts or any funny business.  While we were on guard a middle aged man walked in. And he say us and asked if we could come to his house sometime and say a prayer with him. We told him that we could just do it now. So we took him into a separate room and said a prayer. Before we said the prayer we found out that he wasn't a member but has been taking all the missionary discussions. He told us that he just wanted forgiveness from God and the people in his life. We said a prayer with him, but after the prayer I was prompted to ask if he wanted a blessing. He said yes but didn't understand what it was. So we explained that it is
comfort and guidance from God. Elder Barola gave the blessing and it was so powerful! Everything Elder Barola said we all knew that those were words of God. The spirit was so strong. Elder Barola said that he will receive that forgiveness as he strives and promises to follow Jesus Christ and his teachings.

There was many other things but that was the main part. After the blessing the guy was crying and kept on thanking us. We could tell right then that he had a change of heart and would strive to be better. He shook our hands and silently left the church. It was honestly amazing.

So this week I truly learned that Heavenly Father will never leave us no matter what. Even when I wasn't doing my best he still was sending me amazing experiences. So I know that if I give my full effort each and everyday than he will keep sending blessings and miracles will happen. It was a hard week but I am so grateful for all the experience
and growth this week.

Next week Elder Barola and I get to go to Manhattan. He has a doctors appointment there so we got permission to walk around Manhattan for a few hours. I'm really excited and I'll send some pictures. So I'm doing great so no worries. Thanks for all the support!

I love you all!

With trust,

Elder Jeppson

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