Monday, August 10, 2015


First of all we had the opportunity to help more people move in this week. It's always so good to see the joy on the people's face after you serve them. Service is one of the best ways to show somebody you love and care for them, and how to really gain their trust.

I've learned this week that living with somebody can be hard sometimes. Elder Barola and I didn't get along about some things so it made it hard. But then we decided to get over ourselves and talk about it. And because we talked about it, our companionship has been stronger. The spirit is so much stronger when we do lessons and testify of what each other is saying. Its been a really good learning experience.

We got new investigators this week! It's a Spanish family of five. There is a single mom with four kids and she doesn't speak any English, she can understand but can't speak. So when we teach them, her daughter translates of what she is saying. Our first lesson went really well with them! We talked about how families are eternal and how the gospel really strengthens families. After the lesson the mother had tears in her eyes and said "Everytime you missionaries come
over you bless our home. I can feel it every time you walk in" She said she was very thankful for us.  We have another appointment set up with them for next Friday. I can't wait to see how it goes.

And another miracle happened. Elder Barola and I were searching up our eferrals and we found one that really stuck out to us. So we found her address and went to her house. We knocked on the door and an elderly lady answered. We said we were looking for (Ms Johnson) and shesaid "this is she". And at first she was very irritated that we were there, and she wanted to know what we wanted. Then she saw our name tags and she had a total personality change. She said "oh you are the nice people" So we found out that she was meeting with sister missionaries before this. She said they stopped coming but she has more questions and wants to learn more. But she didn't have time that night so she invited us to come over Sunday night at 5. So we came back and talked with her and we brought brother Mansuetto. We talked to her for almost two hours! She believes there's a God and about Jesus Christ. So our visit was just a focus on what her questions and concerns are about the church. We didn't teach much, but we testified very strongly. I could tell she was feeling the spirit and really understood what we were saying. We asked her to come to church on Sunday and she said "yes, I think that would be good for me" so Brother and sister Mansuetto are going to pick her up so she is will for sure come. And after that we closed with a prayer and she really wanted to say it, and in the prayer she asked Heavenly Father that she would really open up her heart to our message. It was the coolest experience. And she even told us that everything happens for a reason, and meeting us was no coincidence! The first night we met her I had a feeling that she could be one ready for the gospel, but after our lesson today I know that she is prepared. And finding those people you know that are specifically for you is seriously the greatest feeling. It was really an answer to my prayers! The spirit testified to me so strong that she was ready. It was Simply a miracle

And yesterday I had the opportunity to speak in church. I spoke onfaith in Jesus Christ and his atonement. My talk was 15 minutes and I felt good about it. Members came up to me after and said that they were touched on what I said. But the things I said were none of my own ideas! I got up there and the spirit took over and prompted me to say things I didn't even plan for. Teaching with the spirit is the greatest gift as a missionary. It so comforting that I'm never alone while teaching. Because I know I'm not going to be converting people, It's the spirit that will lead to true conversion.

My challenge to all of you is to be a Member missionary. The members in the ward are what keeps the people coming to church. Like we say in our mission vision here "The Members are the key" Look for those opportunities to serve those people. It really helps hasten the work

Thank you for all the support it really helps to know that your family and friends are always praying for you and thinking of you. I love youall!

Love, Elder Jeppson

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