Monday, September 21, 2015

Repentence, It is so Beautiful

Good day family and friends it's me once again

This week was once again a good one! It started out with Elder Bennet (A general authority from the 70) came and talked to us. He came to help us out because we are the lowest baptizing mission in the U.S. So yeah that's unfortunate. He talked to us for seven hours on how we need to be exactly obedient and and not waste time. He told us if we are not on our knees before 6:31 A.M. we are choosing to be disobedient. So you could say that hit me pretty hard. He was yelling at us and it was beautiful. It's not very often where I'm excited when somebody is yelling at me. The spirit was so strong in that meeting. He is such an inspired man and I felt like he was just talking to me. So I know if wasn't just random that he was the one who came to our mission. He has what we need. He talked to mission president and I know a lot is going to change in our mission. It's going to be hard
but it's the only way for us to be better.

So this week I made sure I was up at 6:30 and in bed by 10:30. Andhonestly I saw a big difference in the work. We found so many more people this week and it's because I have the lords trust that I'm serious about this great work. And like I said we are a lot happier when we follow the schedule exactly. So I am once again grateful for
these humbling experiences.

We taught Julio this week and he really wants to know what the true church is. So he committed to sincerely read and pray about the Book of Mormon. Like the promise says in Moroni 10:3-5 if you ask with a sincere heart and real intent he will manifest it unto you. And I truly believe that Julio will get an answer. We will be meeting with him next Wednesday so I'll keep you posted on his progress. Also Dio is still progressing. She keeps on telling us "that there is nothing that will take her from this true Church". It's so great to see the change she is having and how much happier she is. She calls Elder Barola and I her spiritual grandchildren.

Also this week We were walking down the street with two other elders that went knocking with us and this big guy came up to us wondering what we were doing in his neighborhood. He was cussing us out and told us to leave his neighborhood. Then we told him we are just missionaries for our church and his attitude totally changed! He wasn't mad at us anymore and he started warning us about dangerous people in the neighborhood. So he apologized and told us to be safe and have a good night. It's cool to see when people recognize you are a representative of Jesus Christ.

And on Friday we went and did service for a lady in our ward and shewanted to call our parents to tell them how we are doing. We tried my mom first and she didn't answer so we called our home number and McKinsey answered. It was so good to hear her voice! I guess she told my parents that the mission president called so my dad called back thinking it was the mission president. So I bet him and my mom thought something bad happened to me. I'm all good though! But it was so good to hear my dads voice too! I didn't get to say anything but Hello but it was a cool experience. The best part about it was I didn't even get homesick. So it was great.

SO I have had a great week! Elder Barola and I will be in the city  tomorrow and probably will see the Empire State Building of Brooklyn bridge. so I will send more pics probably next week. I love you allhave a great week!

Elder Jeppson

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