Monday, September 7, 2015

So Blessed

This week was a good one! We didn't have many lessons but I really learned a lot. I have been thinking a lot these last couple weeks on how I can deal with the hard times on the mission. So I decided to pray on ways I could be better and instantly I started thinking about all that I have been blessed with. I've been given my amazing family, I have a house to live in and parents who love and provide for me, I have all of you guys supporting me, and especially I have this gospel I get to be part of. I've been blessed with so much, so I can do my part in spreading his gospel. 

So anytime I'm having a hard time I think back on all that I have been given. And doing this work is honestly one of the greatest blessings. I've seen so many miracles in such little time and I know a lot more are in store for me. So when times get hard for all of you just look back on what you have been blessed with. And that was my humbling experience this week!

Also we taught Mary this week again. She is so ready to be baptized! She has been to church every week and even payed tithing again this month. Also she has been persistently reading the Book of Mormon and said that she loves it. She has a lot of questions about the church but we've answered many of them and she's even getting answers from church. It's amazing!

So we taught her on Thursday and after the lesson we were about to leave. I put my iPad on top of the car and totally forgot about it. We were driving home and I heard something hit the car. And I looked back and my iPad fell off the roof.  The funny thing is that it stayed on the car for like 2 miles but then finally fell off. So we flipped around to go find it and there was like 20 cars that passed it. So I thought for sure that one of those cars would've ran it over. But we get back and I see it laying in the middle of the road so I stop and get out to grab it, and it is totally fine! Not a single scratch. It was funny because there was a whole line of cars behind me while I'm standing in the middle of the road holding my iPad up screaming and jumping around with joy. I was so pumped the rest of the night. But Honestly it was a miracle! I don't know how it didn't get ran over or anything. So so blessed.

So that was my crazy experience for the week. Also transfers were this week and Sister Lamah got transferred out. So now we have sister Jones and she's great. So I'm loving Huntington so much. It really is the area that I'm supposed to be in. I learn so much from the people I teach and they are the greatest.

That was my week. I'm going to Manhattan on Tuesday so I'll send a lot of pictures! Also I bought a golf club for 3 dollars at the thrift shop so I'm pretty happy! Thanks for all the love and care you give everyone❤️

With trusting love,

Elder Jeppson

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