Monday, September 28, 2015

"Sometimes in life you're going to start out slow" Elder Jeppson

You guessed it, it's me once again

This week was very challenging. We didn't find any new people and we went knocking for many hours! So that was a little frustrating. Also we had investigators say that they were excited to Come to church on Sunday, but they never should up. So we went to visit them after church and they totally Ignored us. But that's just how missionary work goes. If missionary work was easy and great all the time then there wouldn't be any opportunities to grow. We have hard times so that we can be stronger and better missionaries. So far every week here has been a humbling experience. Once again sometimes In life you're going to start out slow, but it'll be alright.

Also we are having a lot of changes in our mission so it is hard to get used to the new rules. As of tomorrow there will be no more sports in our mission. When I heard that my heart was so sad😪 So today we went out on a high school football field and played flag football! It was a lot of fun and I made some nice catches so I'm pretty pumped about that😏 We had to make the best out of the last time. But I know that our mission president is an Inspired guy, so i know if I follow all these new rules then I will see a lot more miracles and see more blessings in my life. So I will be focusing on not what I'm giving up and more on what I will be receiving. I'm actually excited about the changes!

We had another great lesson with Mary this week and she is definitely going to get baptized and I am really happy about that. I love visiting her and her mom. Her mom is 91 and she has no filter. She joins in on our conversations and she likes to swear a lot. Everything she says is so funny! She also is now supporting Dio in getting baptized which is a huge step! We are so excited for her.

Oh and we went to The Brooklyn bridge this week! It is so amazing! I couldn't ask to be in a better place! I will send some pictures!

So that was my week! A lot of learning and growing. It was hard but rewarding. I can't get down on myself because I have seen so many miracles already so I just need more patients. But the New York New York South mission is the place to be. Thanks for all the prayer!  Love you all very much

With divine love,

Elder Jeppson


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