Monday, October 26, 2015

A Little Tough and Really Strange

Good Morning family and friends

So this week was a little tough and really strange. It first started with Elder Olmstead and I's encounter with an atheist. He kept on telling us the we didn't know anything and that we weren't open minded. He told us that we have been brain washed and there isn't a God that loves us. But Instead of just walking away we tried to testify of what we knew and that didn't work well.  he went off telling us we are ruining our lives at such a young age. So we just asked him if there was anything that we could do for him and decided to leave after 45 minutes of being bashed. But we left a Book of Mormon on his porch so hopefully he reads it. 

Also we had another lady tell us that we were anti-Christ. So I politely told her that the gospel and this religion was centered on Christ and she would not listen. I was thinking in my head okay keep telling me more about my religion and what I believe.  This week was hard also hard because all of the people we had appointments with thought it would be funny to ignore us. So yeah that made me pretty chapped. As you can tell we didn't teach many lessons. So that was a little rough.

The next day we had to go to the hospital because one of the sisters in our district got a flu shot and almost went down. The nurse was mad for her coming in for just being pale but like 5 minutes later her blood pressure dropped and the nurse said that we almost lost her. So yeah that was pretty nuts. But she's all good now and still smiling. 

Also the sisters in our district were having some tough times and we spent all week trying to help them out. Elder Olmsteads advice for them was to just get over it and they didn't like that very much so I got on my 'inner therapist' and tried to help these sisters out. I felt like It was an episode of Doctor Phil or something.  But everything is better with them so we're in good shape.

So this week I was thinking why we weren't having much success and I was blaming it on myself, which wasn't makeing since because we were obedient this week. But then Elder Olmstead told me Christ was perfectly obedient and did all he could and people still rejected him. And he had a lot worse weeks then we have. So it was a good reminder that when people reject us as long as we give it are all then Heavenly Father will be happy with us. 

But then I was reminded about something that happened Thursday and I realized that we did have success. So we taught Mary on Thursday and that was an amazing lesson. We asked her to pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true and immediately she told us I already know it's true. We were so pleasantly surprised when she said this. Then she went on to say that she knew this church was true. She knows Jesus is the Christ and she knows it wasn't a coincidence we met her. She said "this is not just a religion, it's the truth." It was so amazing! The spirit was so strong. So she is excited to be baptized. That was such a testimony builder to me!

Also we had stake conference this week and we had president packers son Allen Packer of the 70 speak to us. This meeting was amazing! Also two of our investigators showed up. I felt the spirit so strong and I just had a very deep love for everybody. It made me realize how lucky I am to be out here serving these people. And even though they reject us I should always love them no matter what. So this next week I am going to work on just always having that love for the people. So this was another humbling week. I was very grateful for the increase of faith I gained this week.

Yeah just a crazy but good week out here. Even when it's hard I'm smiling at that is what is so great about this gospel. I love you all!

Have a great week.

Elder Jeppson

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