Monday, October 19, 2015

New Transfer, New Comp, MORE MIRACLES

Good Morning friends and family, This is Elder Jeppson speaking

This week was once again a good one! I am not with Elder Barola anymore. He is off to Bell Harbor. I'm not not gonna lie I will miss that man. He taught me so much, but there is one thing I learned from him that will always stick with me, and that is to give even when you don't have much. Anything he had he was offering away, he is always putting others needs before his own. He taught me how to truly love the people and I will always cherish that. Now I have a new companion named Elder Olmstead. It was funny because all last week I had a feeling that he was going to be my new companion, and once they called are names saying we were companions I just started laughing. Elder Olmstead and I hit it off right away. We are already on the same page and we are doing so much more work in Huntington. It's kinda funny because he is the senior companion and district leader but he follows everything I say. I love it so much. He's really funny also, so it's going to be a good transfer.

So within 2 days we found eight more investigators! It's been so amazing these last couple weeks! We taught all of them the restoration and they committed to read the Book of Mormon. And the amazing thing is, is that they all seemed sincere about it! The best thing about most of these people is that they all believe in God they just haven't found a church that they feel is right. So they are literally perfect investigators!

Also Elder Olmstead and I went to McDonalds for lunch the other day, and the lady who was taking our order asked what church we were from, so we explained and then she started telling us that she prays to God but doesn't have a church to go to. So then we told her we could help her come closer to God and she was so excited! She gave us her home address right away and we didn't even ask. She told us to visit her once a week! Her name is Shania and we'll be meeting with her today.

We also met a man Named Beau. We went to his house and him and all of his friends were smoking weed and drinking. He came outside and we talked to him for about ten minutes. We found out that his daughter died in a car accident when she was just fifteen months old. He was wondering where she was and if he would ever see her again. So we taught him the plan of salvation and after that lesson you could tell he felt the spirit. He also asked about the Book Of Mormon and we gave him one and he told us he would read it! He also invited us back next week. Once again we found another person that is prepared to hear the Gospel. 

Miracles are happening each and everyday!!!

And yesterday we were trying to find out who to visit, and I guy named Marlene came to mind. He has been an investigator for about two years now. He is nineteen and is very religious. He is having some problems with the Book of Mormon though. At first he told us that he read the Book Of Mormon and prayed about it, but didn't receive an answer. Then we asked him again Did you read the "Book Of Mormon?" Then the truth came out. He said that he has only read the introduction and a couple chapters in 1 Nephi. So we asked him right there "So don't you think It would be a good idea to read the whole thing?" And he was still shaky about it. So once again Elder Holland to the rescue! We showed him the video The Testimony of the Book Of Mormon. After the video Marlene aid "wow that is powerful." So we asked him will you read the Book Of Mormon? And he was still shaky at first but then said he would read it. The spirit was so strong in that lesson!

So that General Conference talk "What lack I yet"  I've gotten another answer to that question. And that answer was to rely on God more, and ever since I have done that he has lead us to amazing people. Just praying where to go knocking has changed our success so much. And all of those people above are proof. So if you are wondering what you should do better in life just ask in prayer and it will change everything for the better. I have seen that first hand and I know the same thing can happen to all of you.

Words can't explain how happy I am! Like I've said in the passed, this work is so fulfilling. Yes there is struggles sometimes but seeing others happy because of the gospel makes it all worth it. I love you all and hope you have a great week!


Elder Jeppson

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