Monday, November 23, 2015

Anything is Possible through Christ

Hello family and friends,

This has been one interesting week! First of all we got our transfer calls today and I will be staying in Huntington for another transfer. So I still haven't experienced city missionary work but that's okay because Huntington is finally progressing after many years so I'm happy.

So Mary got baptized on Saturday and I had the opportunity to baptize her so that was a special day for me. After the baptism she was walking around giving everybody hugs and she had the biggest smile on her face. She told us that this was the best thing that has ever happened to her and that she has never been this happy in her life.

 Also we have four other people on baptismal date. One of them is Henry, the guy I talked about last week. And Henry is a very flamboyant Broadway dancer. And we found out that he is famous. He was a guest on Donald trumps yacht, he was in a tv series called Miami vice. He played the role as a pimp in the show, and he was a speedo model! He showed us some pictures and it was the funniest thing ever. So it really pumped me up when I found out we were teaching a celebrity.

Anyway We met with him a few days ago and we taught him the plan of salvation. Once again he told us that he believed everything and that is all made sense. He said that he has been looking for this happiness for a long time.  So he is progressing towards baptism and that makes me pretty happy.

And then this week we got a call from our bishop saying this couple called him and that they wanted to be baptized. So we went over to where they are living and as we were talking to them, we found out that they have been through a lot! 

We found out they were taking lessons from missionaries a few years ago but then stopped. But now they want to be baptized. They realize that the gospel is the only way that they can be helped in their case and know that this is the only way they will feel true happiness. 

Our last visit we gave them both blessings and after the blessings they were both relaxed and so peaceful. They told us that they can really feel Gods love through us. I honestly feel like a therapist every time we go over there but it's all the spirit. They are amazing people and are so pure in heart. But they are dealing with a lot right now so hopefully everything will work out soon. But if there is one thing that I have learned out here is that anything is possible through Christ and his atonement.

So yeah it's been quite the week.

Love you all! 

Have a blessed week

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