Monday, November 9, 2015

Invite Just One Person to Church

Hello family and friends,

So this week was a good one! It started out with me going on exchanges with my zone leader Elder Hussein. Elder Hussein and I decided to go knocking Tuesday and as we were deciding were to knock we passed by a street that we both were inspired to go back to. We started knocking and the first 3 houses we went to were all solid people. We taught them the restoration and all 3 of them told us to come back. After our exchange I got a call from elder Hussein telling me that all 3 of those people have baptismal dates. Miracles happen when you follow the spirit, and I've seen that through out my mission.

Also yesterday I was about to teach a lesson in elders quorum and one of the members of the bishopric pulled me out of the room and told me that someone was here for us. And we go out and it was Jorge and his family, the guy that I talked about last week. So we gave them a tour of the church and then took them into a room and taught them the plan
of salvation. They told us that they believed that everything that we were saying was true. They were feeling the spirit that they felt last week. Jorge told us that he will be at church next Sunday also, because he likes the feeling he gets when he comes to our church and he likes how everybody is so welcoming. It was so amazing! I will keep you posted on him and his family.

And last night we had a meeting for all the ward mission leaders. And I learned so much from that meeting. We talked about setting effective goals. And The most effective thing isn't the goal itself, it is what you are going to do to achieve that goal. The numbers don't matter,numbers are just a measuring tool. So I learned anytime that you set goals for yourself don't measure your success on if you achieve the number, measure it on if you did all you could and did the necessary steps to achieve that goal. Also we talked about how it just takes one person to open their mouths and to invite someone to church and that will lead to thousands of people. So just a little challenge, invite just one person to Church this week. It can really make a huge impact. And another good reminder from that meeting is that the spirit is brought unto our hearts not into our hearts. The only way we can feel the spirit is if we let it in. So just remember if you're having a tough time feeling the spirit, just remember you've got to be the one to invite it in.

Also many leaves fall here in New York so we have to dedicate one whole day to rack people's leaves. We did one house this week that took 23 big plastic bags so it's a fun time. So yeah that was my week miracles and a lot of service. I hope that you all have a great week.

Love, Elder Jeppson

This is a "Please do not come back I'm not interested note" that was waiting for Elder Jeppson and his companion while they went to a follow up lesson

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