Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Just Love the People

This week was immensely better then last week! Last week we taught 4 lessons and only had 1 new investigator. But this week we had 18 lessons and 10 new investigators so a lot changed around. And the difference in success was because of the increase of faith Elder Olmstead and I had. It was amazing when we just put our trust in the Lord he lead us to so many great people. And it was crazy because no one seemed to say no to us! They all just kept on letting us in.

One of the guys we found was named Billy. And we knocked on Billy's door and he was just smoking some weed and having a good time. And at first he was just messing around with us and joking around, but something changed in Billy as we were talking to him. He said "I'm going to be honest with you guys, I'm looking to change my life around and I don't think it was a coincidence that I met you guys tonight." He told us that he was looking for a church but didn't know what the truth was. So we taught him about the restoration and he told us he would read from the Book of Mormon. We have another appointment set up with him tomorrow so I'll let you know how that goes.

Also last night we were really struggling. We had 8 lessons set up and they all fell thru except 1. And this one man is named Jorge. We found Jorge last week and we taught him the restoration. He really liked it at first but then got confused about Joseph smith. So he was going to drop us and not let us come back. Jorge's first language is Spanish so we thought maybe there was some miscommunication while we were teaching. So we asked if we could bring somebody over who speaks Spanish and at first he was hesitant but then agreed to it. So we brought our Spanish member yesterday and him and Jorge just started talking in Spanish. We had no idea what our member was saying to him but the spirit was so strong. Out of no where Jorge just started crying. He looked at Elder Olmstead and I and said that him and his family will be at church next week and we can count on that! He told us that he is looking for the right church where his family can feel comforted and find happiness. So we told him this is where he will find that happiness. He said the only reason he let us in was because he felt love as we talked to him. After the lesson he gave Elder Olmstead and I a big hug. It was such a great experience.

So this week I learned how important it is just to love the people! And I can truly say I do. They've already changed my life so much. I love how Heavenly Father reaches out to me constantly. After I had a bad week last week he switched it around for me and placed amazing people in my path. This work is amazing.

Thank you for all you guys do! I love you all.

Elder Jeppson

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