Monday, November 30, 2015


Hello it's Elder Jeppson here,

So this week has been very interesting.  First we had transfers on Tuesday! We got two new elders, Elder Woodmansee and Davis. And let me tell you they are some neat guys. But it's pretty fun with them. We played rugby for morning workouts with them so that was fun. But other then that This week has been very very slow with the work. We didn't teach many lessons but oh well that's how the mission goes sometimes.

But we did have a couple miracles this week! 

First we went over to visit the Millers (the couple I talked about last week) and oh boy that was quite the experience. We were talking to them outside and then out of now where this 70 year old lady came and started cussing out our investigator. She was calling her some very rude names and also started hitting on Elder Olmstead and I. She told me that I was a fine piece of meat so that made me laugh.  But it got to the point were the lady wouldn't stop yelling and swearing that we had to walk to the other side of the motel complex. Then some guy heard her yelling and came out of his room wondering what was going on. Then he saw our name tags and asked us who we were. So we explained and then he told us that he is looking for a church. He said that he had made some bad mistakes in past and he told Us that is was actually that day he turned his whole life to God. So it definitely was not a coincidence we met him. So the next day he showed up to church and he told us that he really enjoyed it. And now we are meeting with him regularly. So that was amazing.

Also we met with Henry the Broadway dancer yesterday. We taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ and once again he told us that he believed everything that we said. We asked him if he had been reading from the Book of Mormon and he told us he read a little bit. And we asked him what a little bit was and he has already read 15 chapters in two weeks so that was amazing. He told us he really likes the principles the book teaches and he told us he will be attending church regularly. And he is still on board to be baptized!

Even know it was a hard week I still had he opportunity to meet these amazing people and to be apart of the lords work. Just remember if you are ever struggling Heavenly Father is only one prayer away.  

Have a great week all!

With love,

Elder Jeppson

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