Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I just felt like we needed to go there

So this week has been super busy! We did service 5 days this week with a grand total of 20 hours. It was good though because it is always nice to see the smile on people faces when you serve them.  Also we had zone training meeting that lasted four hours and we also had president interviews this week. So it was very busy but very rewarding. My Mission  President is amazing! He really does care about everyone and he has a really strong spirit with him. He told me that
he sees me as a strong leader in this mission so that made me feel good about myself. Also he was very impressed with The growth in Huntington because this area used to be dead. So he ask elder Olmstead and I if we would be okay staying in Huntington for another Transfer. So yeah I should be here for one more and I'm okay with that.

We also had a really amazing experience this week! It was Saturday night and Elder Olmstead and I were not having any success. All of our lessons were falling through and we were getting rejected left and right. So we were about to just call it a night but then I started looking through the list of former investigators. And I saw this and I just felt like we needed to go there. So we knocked on the door and we found out that the person we were looking for had moved three months
ago. But we started talking to the guy that moved in. We explained whowe were and he let us in immediately. We started talking and we found out that he used to be a Broadway dancer and got invited to be on dancing with the stars next year. But then we started talking about the church and we asked him if he was religious, and he told us he was raised Catholic but doesn't really follow it. So then we taught him the restoration and he was agreeing with everything we were saying. Then he said "I don't think it was a coincidence that you guys showed up tonight." And we explained that it wasn't and that we had a prompting to come over here. After, we invited him to be baptized and he said he would!! He committed to be baptized on January 10th. It was so amazing. He also told is that this would be great for his brother, so next time we will be teaching both of them. So there is our little miracle of the week.

Also Mary will be getting baptized on Saturday so we are very excited about that. And she is really excited also. She told us she never thought she would be a Mormon but she knows that it is the truth now.

So the work in Huntington is really progressing.

Have a good week all

Love Elder Jeppson

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