Monday, December 7, 2015

We have a new flame to go out and work

Hello family and friends,

Sorry I'm emailing so late. I have just been thinking of things to say but nothing really happened this week. But we did have zone conference and we got to hear from President and Sister Reynolds so that was great! They are some amazing people. Also at zone conference they put a monitor in our cars that checks our speed and how aggressive we are driving. So this week has been very annoying with that thing because every five seconds while I'm driving it yells at me to "check my speed". But hey at least It'll keep me from getting a ticket.

We taught that same couple the Millers 4 times this week. They have been very good on keeping the word of wisdom this week so that made me very happy. And they are also not fighting as much so they are truly progressing. They showed up to church on Sunday and they said they had a great experience so that was cool too. 

And we also taught a lady who has been meeting with missionaries for like 3 years now. Before she was doing it just to have company and so they could do service for her. But on Thursday we had the best lesson with her. After the lesson she told us that she was going to start taking this seriously and actually do the things we tell her to do! So that was our little miracle for the week.

For the month of December we were given a video to go around and share to people called "A savior is born" at first I didn't really like the video but now I love it because it Brings the spirit every time we
share it with somebody. When we share the video we knock on the persons door and don't even give them a chance to talk. We just press play and the spirit just touches them as they watch the video. It is truly amazing. It really reminds us about the true spirit of Christmas. The gifts and toys are all fun but when we focus on Christ during christmas we can feel peace and true happiness and true love for our families. And I was really reminded of this on Sunday during sacrament meeting. 

I was having the hardest time this week with the desire to work and I had a hard heart about it. But then during sacrament meeting a lady got up and bore her testimony about Christ. And I don't know what it was but I just felt the spirit so strong and I just felt at peace. After, all I wanted to do was go out and share
my testimony of Christ. 

So this week Elder Olmstead and I have a new flame to go out and work and to not give up until the work is done. Because if Christ can give his life to us we can give our full dedication to him. So I was very humbled this week. It was a great feeling.

So my challenge to you is just go out a share your testimony about Christ with just one person. I promise you it'll make a huge difference in them and also in yourself. Have a great week all.

With love,

Elder Jeppson

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