Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New Area, New Companion

Good morning all! 

I hope that all of you had a great week because I sure did! My new area is so sweet! It's called lynbrook and I love it.I'm still on the island but it's good. Long beach is in our area so that's pretty sweet. It's only like 15 minutes away from our apartment so sometimes we will go running on the beach for morning workouts. Also The members are great, they are very involved in missionary work. They are all so accepting as well. The bishop has us over every Sunday night for dinner too! And my new companions name is Elder Shirts and he is a stud! He's really funny and is a hard worker. He's shorter then me so we get made fun of a lot but hey all we can do is keep our heads up about it.

So the work here is a little different from Huntington. We do a lot of less active and reactivation work here. We teach between like 10 and 20 less actives a week so it's pretty cool. When we visit them we usually read the Book of Mormon and listen to general conference with them. We actually watched a general conference with this one guy and the talk we watched was perfect from him. It pretty much talked about how we never should wait to come back to church and hold back from the blessings that comes from Church. So after he told us he knew it was time for him to come back. You could see a total change in his attitude after that talk. So that was my cool little experience for
the week.

We don't knock much here because I found out that it is illegal to knock in like three towns in our area. Elder Shirts told me they always had people yelling at them and always had cops following them around when they knocked. The cops said the next time they see us around in those areas there are going to be big fines. So yeah not much knocking.  But on the bright side we do a lot of service! We did like 10 hours of service this week so that was great. Service is really the best part of the mission. I love helping others.

Oh also yesterday in church there was a talk given about finding happiness now and living in the moment. And it made me think because sometimes it can be hard to be away from my family and sometimes I just count down the days until I go home. But I took a step back today and realized that the experiences I am having are making me the happiest that I have ever been. I've only been out 6 months and my life has changed so much because of this experience. So my new goal is to enjoy the time I am given to serve the lord and live in the moment. Because after my mission I know I am going to miss it so much! And I want to look back on this time with no regrets. So I challenge all of you to enjoy your lives. Don't hold yourself back from being happy today. And spend as much time as possible with your family. Now that I look back on it, those are my most cherished memories when I was with my family.

So yeah that was my week. Not to much happened but it was a great one. I hope that all of you have a good day and may this week a great one!


Elder Jeppson

My New Comp, Elder Shirts

Long Beach is in my Area!

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