Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Snow Storm Hits NY

Good morning to all my loved ones!
This week was  slow but very very great! As you know I went to the temple on Tuesday and that was great, and then Wednesday we went on exchanges with our zone leaders and the rest of the week Elder Shirts was really sick! He threw up like 20 times this week! I felt bad for the little guy.

But this week was filled with service. On Friday we went over to an investigators house and are pretty much fixing the whole thing up. She was having some people do it professionally but they were doing a bad job so she fired them. So now we go over there twice a week for like four hours at a time and help her. And we literally do everything! We have been sanding her would floors and all of her stairs and painting all of her walls! Next week we are going to start putting in kitchen cabinets so we've got our work cut out for us. But it's been a good
service opportunity.

And from Friday night to Saturday night we got over 2 1/2 feet of snow! It was nuts. It was so bad that they cancelled church yesterday. The only vehicles allowed on the road were emergency vehicles. So all day yesterday and Saturday we shoveled people's driveways. It was the most snow I have ever seen! I'll send some pictures. But that was a really great opportunity to serve as well. Service softens hearts so serve!

So with the temple, exchanges, elder shirts beings sick, and all the snow, we didn't get much of a chance to teach. But we were able to see John last night and on Wednesday night! And both of our meetings went really well! At first he didn't understand why we need a prophet, so we told him that he receives direct revelation from God and we need that to protect us from what's going on in the world today. So then it made sense to him and he was totally on board. So that was Wednesday night and last night we read out of the Book of Mormon with him. We read the introduction where it takes about the book being "the most correct book of any book on earth" and he thought that was very interesting. He told us that he was going to try it because if it is true then He will feel it from God! It was so cool to hear him say that. He even said the closing prayer and asked for him to understand the Book of Mormon and find the truth. Oh and he was going to come to church yesterday but it got cancelled. :( But he said he will be coming next week! We will be going back again next week and we'll be taking about baptism so we're pretty excited!

Also we met with a less active member named Bob! Bob is a solid human being. He is so pure in heart. We showed him another conference talk called " Faith is not by chance, but by choice". This talk is so solid! He told us it was just what he needed to hear. All three of us shared some personal experiences with each other that helped us grow our faith. The spirit was so strong in our little discussion. After he told us he wants to come back to church but he works on Sunday's. So he will be talking with his boss to not schedule him on Sunday's. So
he asked us to pray for him that he'll be able to get back to church soon so we're hoping for the best!

But anyways the personal experience I shared with Bob was this: So about in January of last year I really did not want to go on a mission. I felt to much anxiety about it and I wasn't even sure if I had a testimony. But I thought to myself if I am going to serve a mission I need to find out if these things are true for myself. So one night I was having a really hard night and I just so done with everything. But then I got this feeling to read over my patriarchal blessing. And in my Patriarchal blessing it said "you will find much happiness in your missionary service and you will form many life long relationships and friendships with the people you meet on your mission" and as I read this I was just overwhelmed with the spirit and I got the confirmation right there by the spirit that the church was true and I needed to go on a mission! That night was the most love I've ever felt from Heavenly Father! I knew he loved me and knows what is best for me. And as I've served I've seen that those things are coming true! I really love the people here and I know is was meant to be here in New York serving them!

But for any of you who are struggling with your testimony I would suggest reading over patriarchal blessing again or if you don't have it, think about getting it. I'm tell you it will change your life!

Look over your patriarchal blessing as often as you can. It will have a big impact on you.

I love you all! Have a spirit felt week

Elder Jeppson

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