Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Temple Trip

Good afternoon all,

This week for me wasn't too busy but it was still good. Let's see, well on Tuesday Elder Shirts and I had to go to the mission home in Queens to get a new phone because Elder Shirts climbed through the church window with the phone in his pocket and broke the screen. So after we went to the mission office and got the new phone we started our way back to Lynbrook and we accidentally missed our exit and almost ended up on the bridge to Manhattan. Luckily there was an exit right before the bridge otherwise we would've been stuck there. But instead we ended up stuck in Brooklyn in New York traffic for about 4 hours. We finally got home but it was too late to do anything so we didn't do much work that day.

Then on Thursday we had a mission leadership training by Lee Donaldson and Tracy Watson who are the head of the mission department at church head quarters. And this meeting lasted about 7 hours! It was very long, but very helpful. They were just sharing ideas with us on how we could better use our devices to hasten the work. So soon we will be able to do Facebook proselyting! They also came out with this new app where we can have a four way Skype! So now we can skype our investigators and skype the members into the lessons. It's going to help quite a bit. But the best thing about it is they made it so spiritually centered it on the doctrine of Christ some how. I can't explain how they did it but it was beautiful! We will be having a world wide mission conference on Wednesday so we will probably learn more of what we can do.

We also met with one of our recent converts and his name is Jimmy. We watched meet the Mormons with him. And this was the first time I actually paid attention while watching it and it is amazing! All of the stories are great and I felt the spirit very strong that day. On Sunday I had the opportunity to pass the sacrament with Jimmy and it was his first time. It is such a little experience but it was amazing to have the opportunity. He was so happy and he said he truly felt like he had Christ's authority. We will be taking Jimmy to the temple in the next few weeks to do baptisms for the died. He's really excited and so am I.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to meet with John our investigator. And let me tell you, John is solid. He had a really rough year last year. His mom and his son both died, his wife left him and took all of his things, and his car got stolen! Very hard but he told us he wasn't sorry at all. He told us he was thankful that he even had a mom and he was thankful to know his son for the short time he did. He said he was grateful for the opportunity he had to experience love even though his wife left. And he told us it was a good thing his car got stolen because now he can walk every where and be in better shape. And he said that God has been so good to him and now he's just looking for God's true church. I wish my faith was as strong as John's! He is happy even with all that stuff  happening to him and was still thankful for what he had. Now that is a Christ-like man. His sister is a member and she's going to be present next time we teach him so I'll let you know how it goes.

And my last experience was I had the opportunity to have my annual Temple trip Today and let me tell you it was Amazing!!! The spirit is so strong in the Temple! It is so good to get off the busy streets of
New York and enjoy the peaceful spirit of the Temple. And I went to the temple with a question in my heart. At first I wasn't sure if my prayer would get answered right then so I was thinking I would just have to be patient and wait awhile. But as I was sitting in the Celestial room I felt the spirit so strong and the answer to my prayer came through right then and the answer was so clear! It was a cool experience. So If any of you are having a rough time go to the temple with a prayer in your heart and I can promise you the Lord will answer it.

So yeah, that was my week! I can't complain but sometimes I still do haha. Have a great week all! 

Much love,

Elder Jeppson

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