Monday, February 29, 2016

At Peace

Hello everyone! 

I hope everyone's week treated them well! Mine was quite the roller coaster! I had struggles, anxiety, a lot of fun, spiritual experiences, and miracles! I would like to say it was a learning week for me. But let's get into it!
First, so on Wednesday We were having a rough day! Nothing was going right, all our appointments were falling through and I was just feeling a lot of anxiety. I don't know why but it was hitting me pretty hard. But then we had this appointment late that night with a lady that called the bishop and said she wanted to learn more about our church. So we got there and it was this Haitian lady and her daughter and they were really nice, and we had the best lesson with them! We taught them about Joseph smith and the first vision and the spirit was very powerful! After the lesson they told us they wanted to read the Book of Mormon and that they would pray to know if it is true. They told us they were looking to find the truth and they were hoping this was it. So we testified to them that if they actually read the Book of Mormon and sincerely pray about it they will get the answer and they will know it's the truth. They told us that we could come back next week so I'll let you know about their progress. After the lesson I was feeling the spirit so strong and all that anxiety I was feeling earlier went away and I just felt at peace. It was a great testimony builder for me.

This week we gave two more blessings! 6 blessings in two weeks is a lot! It's been pretty cool being able to exercise The priesthood so much. One of the guys we gave a blessing is in a nursing home right now and he is very sick. The doctors said that he would be bedridden for the next 8 days. So he called us over to give him a blessing because he was feeling so much pain! But in the blessing it was said that he would be healed and make a speedy recovery. We went and saw him two days later and he was out of bed!! He told us he was feeling a lot better and had his strength back! That right there was a miracle my friends! It was another testimony builder for me of the healing power of the priesthood.

Also this week we had his guy that ordered a bible from our website, so we went to drop it off and we ended up teaching him the restoration! He had so many questions about the Book of Mormon and Joseph smith but they were good questions and I felt like we answered them pretty well. After, he told us that it made sense to him that we needed a restoration and he realized that the Book of Mormon wasn't to take away from the bible, but to add another testament of Jesus Christ. He told us he was going to read the whole thing and wants us to come by weekly to discuss what he has read! It was pretty cool. He also told us that he looked up to us so much for serving the Lord. And he was impressed because not many people our age are spreading the word of God. It was a good feeling to complemented like that.

So yeah that was my week! I had my struggles and I had my spiritual experiences. I was reminded that Heavenly Father knows everything that I am going through and he sent me those experiences to help me learn and grow. The mission is great! I've grown so much and I get to serve among so many pure in heart people! Those people are definitely the ones the make your mission an amazing experience. I love the people of New York so much! Over all it was a great week.

Much Love,

Elder Jeppson

New District!

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