Monday, February 22, 2016

Laughter, Love, Service, Getting Bashed At, and Many Miracles

Good morning to all my loved ones! 

I hope that your week has been full of good memories and laughter, because mine sure was! So on Tuesday we had transfers and I got a new companion and his name is Elder Bingham and he is the best! It's been less then a week and he is probably my favorite companion I have had so far! He's easy to talk to and to get along with, really funny, and is also a hard worker! He spent his last 9 months as a zone leader so he knows it all! I've already learned so much from him and we have had some good spiritual experiences already. He only has four months left on his mission and he is still working
hard. He served here in Lynbrook before he became zone leader, he was so happy to be back he loves it here. And all the members love him too so we will be getting fed a lot this transfer. 🙌

So this week with us getting transferred and trying to settle in was a little slow with the work. We didn't teach many investigators but we saw 10 different less actives this week! We had good good lessons with all of them and 3 of them actually showed up to church! One showed up who actually hasn't been to church in over a year, so it was pretty cool. Also we visited this member who hasn't been to church in a few years because she is having a lot of health problems and is pretty much bedridden. It's really sad to see but she loves it so much when we come over and visit because she says it brightens her whole week! So we try to see her At Least once a week! She told us that she was going to have her husband make us lunch next time we came over! She is the sweetest little thing. Also we met with Mark this week and his life is coming together now! He finally was able to get a job and will be able to support his family now! He told us that he was thankful to us for being there with him and praying for him because he was about ready to give up but ever since he started coming back to church and listening to the spirit his life has been coming together. It was a cool experience.

We met with John again yesterday. He wasn't able to make it to church so we went over to see what was going on and he was having some family issues that he needed to take care of but he told us he was sad he missed it and will definitely be at church next week! He said he was thinking about the Sacrament service this whole week and was reflecting back on the spirit he felt. So he is still doing good! We're meeting with him on Wednesday and we finally feel he is ready to receive a baptismal date!

Also we gave four blessings this week! It was cool to see the healing power of the priesthood work so quickly! We had two members in the hospital and a few days after we gave them a blessing they were up and out of the hospital healthy as can be! I have a strong testimony of the priesthood! I know that it is gods authority here on earth and it is the only way that we can perform these sacred ordinances.

Oh also this week we had a couple people ask us why we were out trying to convert other people to our religion. So we explained to them that we aren't trying to convert people to our religion, we are trying to convert them to Jesus Christ and his gospel. There is a quote by D Todd Christopherson that says "We don't strive for conversion to the church, but to Christ and his gospel which is a conversion facilitated by the church". Some people don't realize that we are fully centered on Jesus Christ. But Christ knew we needed organization so that it was we have as the church today. That's why the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church. It contains the fullness of Christ's teaching and "PROPER Priesthood authority" which is so key. I know most of you know this but it is always a good reminder that we are converted to Jesus Christ and his gospel which is just facilitated by the church.

So yeah that was my week! Consisted of laughter, love, service, getting bashed at, and many miracles. I'm loving every second of it! Have a great week all!

Much Love,

Elder Jeppson

New Companion Elder Bingham

Elder Jeppson and Elder Bingham with an enthusiastic member

..... and again

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