Monday, February 15, 2016

Never Doubt Your Faith

Good morning family and friends! How was you week?? Mine was great! We definitely finished the transfer on a high note. But I found out that Elder Shirts will be leaving which is pretty sad, buts it's okay. I'm still in though

So first of all on Tuesday we received a referral for someone who ordered a bible from So we went to deliver the bible but the guy wasn't there, but his son answered the door and he actually invited us in because he was curious about our church. We asked him if he new anything about our church and he said "I've done a little searching on the Internet (Which is never good) but you can't trust everything on the internet so I don't have any concrete information about Mormons." Then he asked us if we could tell him what's true and not! That was a miracle! Usually people only look at the bad and false comments about our religion. We ended up teaching him about Joseph Smith and the restoration, it was so awesome! We gave him a Book of Mormon and he committed to read and pray about it! He wants to learn more so we will be meeting with him again this week.

Also that same day we had the best lesson with John! We read with him 2 Nephi 31, where it talks about the doctrine of Christ. Which is Faith, Repentance, Baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end. We really emphasized the importance of "PROPER priesthood authority" and that baptism can only truly be done by this authority. So then he asked "So my baptism wasn't valid" (because he was baptized in a baptized church awhile ago", so we lovingly explained that it wasn't by Gods true power so we were bold and told him it wasn't valid. He really understood the concept of priesthood authority so it was great! 
His sister's (who is a member of the church) flight back to Trinidad got cancelled because of the weather so she sat in the lesson and she was a very big help. That was no coincidence my friends! And guess what? He showed up to church this week!!! It was so amazing. He made some really good comments in our meetings, and told us that he will come to church next week as well. It was a miracle. I'll send pictures of him at church.

So after that our week slowed down quite a bit because President Reynolds called us on Wednesday to let us know that our apartment is closing down and we have to have it all cleaned out by Tuesday (which is now tomorrow). So we have been so busy cleaning out our apartment throwing away so much stuff from missionaries over the past 7 years. It's been non stop, but it looks really good now if I say so myself.

After all the chaos we were able to take a few hours out of our day and go to the temple with Jimmy on Saturday. It was the greatest experience! He actually had the opportunity to do baptisms for 40 people! It was so much but he loved it.  After, he told us "Wow I feel so good, I saved a lot of people today". He wants to go back soon. It was a good experience for me as well. The spirit in the temple in so strong! 

The closest to heaven we can get is in the temple. ALWAYS be worthy of a temple recommend friends! But on our way back from the temple the member we were with, Brother Larson, accidentally took the wrong exit and we ended up in New Jersey! I've never ended up in a different state on accident before! The worst part about it was we had to pay a toll to get back into New York. But hey we had a good time and now I've seen more of the country.

And my last experience was in church. So in priesthood we talked about trials and hardships in our lives. Brother Larson (who was teaching the lesson) asked the question "why do we have trials?" And some answers were "to test us, strengthen us, they'll be better for us in the end" sometimes we don't look at our trials as blessings in our lives, but they really are. In the end they make us stronger and better prepared to live with good again. Then he asked another question "how have you seen a trail in your life benefit you?" So I felt prompted to share a personal experience. I talked about a few years back when my dad had a heart attack. That was the most scared I had ever been in my life. I was asking myself why did this happen to me? It was really hard for me to deal with, then one day I realized that it happened for a reason. I saw because of that experience our family became a lot closer and more unified, I saw that my relationship with my dad started to become a lot better and we became closer. It was definitely hard to deal with at the time, but I know in the end it strengthened my dad, me, and my whole family.

Stay strong during trials my friends. Never doubt your faith.  You have friends and family all around you that are willing to help you in times of need. Also sometimes we have trials so we can be there to help others when they experience the same thing. Be there to help and up lift each other. But especially reach out to your Heavenly Father. He sent his son Jesus Christ to be with you every step of the way. Trust and love him and you will not be lead astray. I have a strong testimony of this because I've seen it in my life. I didn't notice at the time, but I know that Christ has been there with me through every one of my trials. He's given me strength beyond my own. And I know he gives us this strength through the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that this church is true without a doubt in my mind, I love it so much and I love my mission.

I love you all! Have a great week.

Much Love,

Elder Jeppson
Temple with Jimmy

Elder Jeppson & Shirtz with John

Elder Jeppson & Shirtz with Jimmy and John

Entering New Jersey

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