Monday, February 8, 2016

What Lack I Yet

First of all shout out to my Broncos for taking the W! I'm so I'm so proud of them. Take this as a lesson kids, you serve a mission and your team will win the Super Bowl hehe. But in all seriousness being on a mission made me realize that there are a lot more important things then football. Im happy they won but the gospel makes me a lot happier.

This week was pretty good. We taught a little more this week so that's always good. First we visited our less active friend Micky. And we had a pretty good lesson with him about the general conference talk "what lack I yet". Read it, it's a good one. But after the lesson he asked if we could give him a blessing of comfort because he is really having a hard time in all aspects of life right now. But in the blessing it was said that if he would do his part and read the scriptures, pray, and attend church then he would be blessed with sufficient for his needs and he would see increased happiness in his life. After the blessing he asked us what time church is on Sunday's and said that he will come back to church in the next couple weeks. So it will be really great if we see him at church soon. But this is a good lesson for all of us. If we do the things that Heavenly Father wants us to do and follow him we will be blessed spiritually and also temporally.

Also we had 3 other less active members we have been working with show up to church yesterday so that was great.

We met with John again this week and had a great lesson about the Book of Mormon. We showed him the Mormon message  "Testimony of the Book of Mormon" with Elder Holland. After the video we asked John what he thought and all he said was "WOW, well that  was very powerful". He told us he would finally start making time to read from the Book of Mormon, so we're hoping he takes it to heart and actually does it.

Our recent convert Jimmy talked to the stake patriarch and will be getting his patriarchal blessing next Sunday so he's really excited. Also he got his temple recommend and we will be taking him to the temple this Saturday to do baptisms for the dead. So this is a pretty big week for him. He told us he wants to come out teaching with us and share his conversion story with our other investigators so that'll be great. He's making great progress!

Also I've made a goal this week to be more obedient and work harder. Because sometimes as missionaries it can be hard to find motivation to work as hard as we did when we first came in. I'm trying to keep the fire burning and give it my all. First of all because I've noticed I am a lot happier when I'm being obedient and working hard. And second of all when I committed to serve a mission I promised to put everything on the shelf and forget myself and  "serve with all my heart, might, mind, and strength". Not because I have to but because I want to and because I love the lord. He's given his all to me so why not give a little back. But the best part about it is that he knows me perfectly and will be with me every step of the way as long as I seek his help. That's why the atonement is a great thing. Also another thought from the talk "what lack I yet" is "the spirit can tell us our weaknesses but it can also tell us our strengths so we can be encouraged." It's always amazing to feel our heavenly fathers love and encouragement for us. So my challenge to you this week is to ask Heavenly Father in yours prayers what you can improve on and also what your strengths are. I promise you it will bring increased happiness and encouragement to your lives. I know it has for me in my life and my missionary work.

So that was my week. I hope all of you had a good week! I'd like to hear about it

Much Love,

Elder Jeppson

Elder Jeppson's District

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