Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter on the Mission is Amazing!

Good morning to all,

I hope everyone had a good Easter Sunday! Mine was pretty good. Easter on the mission is amazing! This was the first Easter I actually understood the true meaning. But let's get into it!

So first there is a member here who is obsessed with battle ships. He made a whole exhibit about it. So he invited us last week one day so we went of course. It's pretty cool. He talked for like 2 hours about these ships.. But it is so funny because he gets so pumped when he talks about the wars. He is the cutest old guy out there lol.

But this week are best lesson actually ended up being with an active member named Erick. Eric is 18 and he has been preparing to serve a mission and for the last four months.  He has been telling us that he has already submitted his mission papers and should be getting his call soon. So we talked to bishop and asked if Erick actually turned in his papers in and he told us no. So one night josh was out teaching with us and we brought up that bishop told us he didn't turn in his papers. So we asked why he lied to us. And he told us "because I don't want to disappointment anybody and I don't have the money for it" . So we told him that he should only go on a mission for himself not cause others are pushing him. And he found out this week that a member would pay for his whole mission if he was willing to go! So he ended up telling us he really does want to go! So we made a plan with him to workout with him twice a week (because he has to lose 50 lbs before he can submit his papers) and after we will read preach my gospel with him. He is so excited and willing now. Sometimes we think of missionary work of just talking to people that aren't in the church. But this is just as important or more. It was a cool experience.

We also met a lady name Ashley a couple weeks ago. She used to live in Utah with her sisters and was taking the missionary discussions for a little bit. But we met with her on Wednesday and had a great discussion. You can tell that she is prepared for the gospel! She actually came to church the last two weeks and said that out of every
congregation she has been to, this her favorite one. I don't blame her this ward is incredible. This is truly what a ward family is. The members are so welcoming to her and she is already friends with the whole relief society. I feel good about her.

Yesterday we went over to see our investigator Thomas. Thomas is such a stud! He is an 80 year old guy from Nigeria.  So yesterday we taught him the restoration and it went really well. Right now he doesn't go to a church because he is confused why there is so many and he doesn't know which one is right. So it was perfect because we talked about the spiritual darkness that was on the earth and that's what lead to so many man made religions. And when we talked about the first vision and you could tell it really hit him that the full gospel is on the earth today. Then we talked about the Book of Mormon and how Joseph smith only had a third grade education and translated the Book of Mormon in less then 90 days. Then Joseph said "now that is the power God right
there". It was awesome! He is so prepared. He was so excited to read the Book of Mormon.

Oh also we actually taught a pastor from the Methodist Church this week. We thought that he was gonna bash with us the whole time but he was actually pretty open minded. We talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and he seems genuinely interested. We told him by reading and praying about the book of Mormon he will draw closer to God. He told us that is the best gift that anybody could ever give him. He shared some personal spiritual experiences so it was great. I leaned a lot from him.

Other than that we had dinner with a few members this week and it was awesome. Like I said this ward is the definition of a ward family! They are so aware of everybody and if anyone is going through any trials they jump to help so fast. So if you want to more unified as a ward get to know the all the members. Look after them and just be their friend. It was a good Easter week. I love you all. Have a good week!

Elder Jeppson

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