Monday, March 7, 2016

I Can Overcome Anything

Good morning friends and family!

I'm hoping all is well! So my week was really good. We were able to teach a lot more and we found four SOLID people to teach this week! At the beginning of the week we got four referrals of people asking for a Book of Mormon on our website and that never happens. So we were very excited and we were able to contact them and this is how it went.

The first family was an elderly couple. They are strong Christians but are open to new things. So we went over there and talked about the reason why we needed a restoration. Then we started talking about the Book of Mormon and how it's not to replace the bible, but to add another  testament of Christ. They were very receptive and totally understood the  reason for the restoration. After, Elder Bingham bore a powerful testimony about how he gained his testimony of the Book of Mormon and the spirit was very strong! I know they felt something that night. Great lesson!

Then on Thursday we visited another referral we got and this guy is named Mark. Mark spent the last five years in prison and while he was there, he started praying for the first time in his life and said he felt Gods love for the first time! Ever since then he has been reading the bible and is trying get closer to God. So about a week ago he visited our website and decided to order the book of Mormon. So we went and dropped it off and had a very powerful lesson about Joseph smith and the Book of Mormon. He told us he was open to new incites and would read it and is just looking for the truth. Then we told him "Mark, We think you'll come to know that the truth is in that book and he believed that. The best part about it is that he showed up to church and stayed the whole time!! It was so awesome! The members did a good job in fellowshipping him and said he really liked it and felt the spirit.

We also saw an investigator this week that we haven't seen in months! Once again we talked about the Book of Mormon! I swear that's what all are lessons were this week. But it just goes to show how important it truly is. But we read the introduction with her and put emphasis on the part where it talks about reading it and sincerely pondering and praying about the message it contains. She said she was so happy we read that with her otherwise she probably would've missed that part. She really seemed interested and believed that she would get an answer if she prayed.

Last experience I promise! So one night we decided to drop everything and go to a train station and just talk to literally everybody that we see! As we started I was thinking to myself as of a year ago there is no way I would do this! As most of you know I had the worst anxiety about talking in front of people, so seeing myself do this know has brought show much happiness to me knowing that I can overcome anything. I have a strong testimony of weaknesses becoming strengths through Jesus Christ. I was not expecting to change this much on my mission, but I am very grateful for it.

So to say the least the work was amazing this week! As the 3 pairs of missionaries in our district we have four people to be baptized in the next month! It's so great to see our labor a paying off! I felt the spirit very strong this week!

Remember Christ is always there to help us. Just reach to him and he will help in your trials. I am a witness of that! Stay strong my friends! I hope all of you have a great week! I would love to hear about how all of you are doing. Love you all!

Much Love,

Elder Jeppson

Members introduced the Face Swap Feature to the Elders

AP's, Elder Bingham, Member, and Elder Jeppson

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