Monday, April 25, 2016

Importance of the Sacrament

Good morning to all my loved ones,

So this week was amazing! It started out really slow though! We only had one lesson by Thursday! But we ended up  having 13 lessons by Sunday! So it's not how you start it's how you finish. We had three member presents lessons as well! When the members come to the lessons they go so much better! This ward is so good at missionary work. They always are giving us referrals and coming out teaching with us so it's great. So in your own wards back at home make sure that you are helping the missionaries. Without the members we couldn't do anything! I'll share one experience we had with a member.

So we took a young couple in our ward out teaching with us. We went to Thomas, he is the 85 year old from Nigeria. We had a great lesson with him on the plan of salvation. He had some really key questions like "where are we going after this life" and "what happens to the people that don't have the chance to hear he gospel". So it was great because we had the answers for him. we started talking about the spirit world and for those who didn't get the chance to hear the gospel on this earth, they will be able to hear it in the spirit world. And how no matter what everybody will get the chance to except the gospel. Then he said "now that sounds like the God I know, he's a merciful God." He has been wondering that question all his life and he was so excited because we were able to answer it for him. Also the members we were with had some very great incites and answered his questions. He said "it's a good thing all four of you came over, otherwise I wouldn't have learned as much." So right there you can see the power of member missionary work! He is so excited that we came and he wants us to bring another member next week as well. He really wants to come to church! He even said when he goes back to Nigeria he is gonna walk into the Mormon church there and say that he is a Mormon haha. Is what a great experience!

We also met a Nigerian couple this week by the names of J****** and C******. Cool name huh?? Anyway they let us in their home and then went on to get us some Snapple drinks and served it to us on a tray. They are very respectful of guests. We started talking and we got to know them a little bit and we decided that Nigerians are the most down to earth and pure in heart people. We are teaching like 6 different Nigerians and they are all super nice. But anyways we started talking about the Book of Mormon and found out that they have never heard about Mormons! So we just started talking about how we came about and then talked about the Book of Mormon how it's an ancient record of the prophets and people in the Americas. We explained God has children everywhere so he's just not gonna talk to some of his children, that he'll talk to all of us. We also explained it was just another
testament of Christ and it's not to take away from the bible at all. It made sense to them that God would want to communicate to all his children so they told us they would read it. They also want us to come back and we are gonna talk about the restoration of the gospel next time. The spirit was definitely there.

We also did a lot of service this week! Anywhere from taking a guy in a wheelchair down a flight of stairs, pulling weeds, putting out lawn noms, mowing a lawn using an electric lawn mower, putting up a gazebo, putting together a table, to painting a house! So much service this week!! We started painting a ladies house Saturday and we were there for 3 1/2 hours and only did one room! We have to paint the whole house so it's gonna be a long process. It was really fun. But there were sometimes where I didn't have the best attitude towards service because I felt like there are some people that just take advantage of us. But this morning for studies I was reading in Moroni CHP 7 and it was talking about Charity and if you do service grudgingly you might as well not do it because you are just thinking of yourself. So Heavenly Father gave me a slap in the face for that lol. It's funny how he works. But service great! It's great helping people and it real softens their hearts.

Also yesterday during sacrament I had a great experience. I decided I was actually going to ponder on the importance of the sacrament for the whole meeting. And it was awesome because as I took the bread and water, literally right after I really felt like my mistakes I made this week were taken away! It was one of the few times I felt it hit me that fast! And yes even has missionaries we make mistakes. Wait let me rephrase that, especially as missionaries we make mistakes! We are still human. But it was a great spiritual experience for me.

So yeah that was my week! Next Monday is my birthday so a member is gonna take us to play golf at Bethpage black! I'm so pumped!! It's my first time on the mission so it's been like 10 months since I played so I'll probably suck haha. But hey it's gonna super fun. Have a great week all. I love you all so  much.

Elder Jeppson

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