Monday, April 18, 2016

Missionary Work and the Atonement

Good morning to all!

I hope all is well with all of you! My week was pretty good so I'll get right into it:

So we met with Ashley this week and had a really good lesson! We had a prompting that we needed to talk about the doctrine of Christ again. So we read 2 Nephi 31 with her about the gospel of Christ. As we read it with her it just hit her that she knew she had to get baptized. She started sharing some near death experiences she has had that she knows God protected her from dying. She told us a story where she was gonna go somewhere with her friend but something told her she shouldn't get in the car. So she listened and just went back in her house for the night. The next day she saw on the news that her friend who was driving the car got in a car accident and got killed. Another time when she was living in Jamaica she was sleeping and told us something woke her up and told her to move beds. 

So she thought it was weird but she did it anyways. And no joke like 5 minutes later a giant boulder came crashing through her roof and landed on the other bed. She lived in a poorly built shelter thing that was right next to a big mountain where they was someone was making explosions. So the boulder came driving through the roof. So we told her it was the Holy Ghost warning her of the danger. We told her that if she gets baptized she will be able to have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost if she is worthy of it. It was awesome! She knows God needs her to be baptized. The spirit in the lesson was really good so hopefully soon we can extend a baptismal date.

We also met with Thomas this week. He is an 80 year guy from Nigeria. He is one funny dude! We read the introduction of the Book of Mormon with him and he said he totally believed that this was the word of God. It made sense to him that there was prophets throughout the world and not just in the bible. He also said that every church should use the Book of Mormon! I've never seen someone so excited about reading a book. It was so awesome to hear him say that. That right there proves that he believes it is true. The only thing he needs to do is come to church, because if he does he will feel the spirit of it and we'll get him.

We also had a funny moment this week. We went to see a less active this week and he was talking about the tenant who lived in his house. I guess this guy is crazy and has called the cops 24 times for no reason. So while we were talking about him he walks in and goes off on us and our less active. He kept on trying to tell us all the great things he has done for the house and how our less active treats him bad. It was getting so heated that he started using words that are not quite mission appropriate. Elder Bingham started getting in his face and they were going back and forth for a while. So I decided to record it and sit back and laugh. I love seeing elder Bingham get heated. It's the funniest thing ever!

So those were some good things but don't get me wrong we also had our downs. Rita and some other solid investigators dodged us this week which was very disappointing. We were rejected many time as well. It hurts because we're just trying to bring happiness in their lives but they curse us out. But hey that's part of the mission! Elder Holland gave a talk in the MTC called Missionary Work and the Atonement. That is what keeps me going when times get hard. He says "when times get hard, and you get spit upon, cursed at, and rejected you are standing shoulder to shoulder to the greatest life this world has ever seen. It's so true! Christ was the perfect missionary but got rejected a lot worse then we do! Anytime times get hard I can always look to him because he is with me every step of the way. It's a beautiful thing! I am very thankful for the atonement in my life and in missionary service.

So yeah that was my week! Very good learning experiences. I hope all of you have a great week! 

Love you all so much!

Elder Jeppson

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