Monday, April 11, 2016

Spiritual Confirmations

Good morning all,

This week was pretty good! We didn't teach as much as usual but the lessons we did teach were great. I hope this finds you all well!

So this week we got a referral for a lady that ordered a bible on So we went to drop it off and she is  the most solid/prepare person! Her name is Rita. Rita used to be Hindu but just recently has found Christ in her life. She realized in her old religion she felt that there was always something missing and now she knows that it was Christ. So she has been reading the bible online every night for the past two months. But she decided she wanted a hard copy. So when we went over there she was so happy because we were the first to get the bible to her. She told us she usually doesn't answer the door for strangers because it's only her and her daughter, but she said she felt different about us. She told us she was looking for a church that would fit her and her daughter so it was perfect. We said a prayer for her and a blessing on her house. After, she was begging us to come back next week and share our message with her. She was so excited! We feel really good about this one. I'll let you know how it goes next week.

We also met with a less active member who hasn't been to church in over two years! She is in the hospital right now dealing with health problems and she asked us to come visit her. We gave her a blessing and in the blessing it was said that as long as she put her faith back in the Lord and do the Lord's will, then she would be healed. Later that week she gave us a call telling us that she had a strong impression that she needed to take the sacrament. So we brought her the sacrament and I have never seen her that happy! She said that right after she was filled with the spirit that she hasn't had in a long time. Since then she has been out of the hospital and is gonna come to church on Sunday! Reactivation work is just has fulfilling as getting a baptism in my opinion!

So the Lynbrook ward had a double baptism yesterday! They weren't our investigators but we have grown so close to them that it felt that we have been working with them the whole time. In the end it felt like it was a combined effort, family baptism. It was such a good experience. After, the baptism they both bore their testimonies and explained how they met the missionaries and their conversion stories. The spirit at that baptism was the best I have ever felt! Their testimonies were incredible! It was like they have been life long members. The ward made this such a special experience for them, we had over half the congregation show up at the baptism! Members make the biggest difference when is comes to missionary work, and this ward understands that! This is a true ward family.

Also this week we had stake conference! And the presiding authority was Kent F. Richards from the 70. He actually spoke in this last General Conference in the Sunday afternoon session. But anyways he came and delivered a great message to our stake. He shared an experience he had a while back when he was diagnosed with cancer. He had a grapefruit size tumor that was really threatening his life.
While all this was going on he got called to be a general authority. He said he felt he was in no position to except this calling but he faithfully did so. As he did he started to see miracles in his life were he became cancer free! He knew that the lord had something that he needed to do. He had everybody in tears! His talk was about discipleship and how no matter what the circumstances are we always need to be a disciple of Christ. He even gave a shout out to all the missionaries saying that we were true disciples of Christ. It was such a spirit felt meeting!

So it was a very good week! I felt the spirit so strong all week! I kept on getting spiritual confirmations that this is exactly were I need to be. I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to be here serving the lord. Like I always say "it ain't easy, but it is worth it". Also remember that you don't have to have a major calling or be a missionary to be a disciple of Christ. We are all disciples as long as we love and are committed to the lord. I love you all! Have a
great week!

P.S. I'd love to hear from all of y'all. Feel free to write :)

Elder Jeppson

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