Monday, March 14, 2016

The Spirit of Missionary Work is Unbelievable

Hello everyone,

So this week was pretty good. Even though we did have 10 appointments cancel it was still pretty good. We didn't teach as much as the last couple weeks, but the quality of the lessons we did teach was pretty good! So let's get into it.

So first we had exchanges with our zone leaders and we went to their area which is Jamaica, queens. This is the place where they took us to go talk to random people at the train station when I first got to the mission in July. Anyways the exchange was awesome. There is a street called "Jamaica ave" where there is thousands of people! We talked to 53 people in like 2 hours! It was so cool. We didn't get many appointment from it, but we planted many seeds! So maybe when missionaries come later they will be more open and prepared for the gospel! We also had a lesson with one of the less active members and her friend who is an investigator. The less active is really struggling with her testimony and she started getting into drugs and stuff and she's only 17! But we went over there and taught her friend and had the best lesson with her. We talked about he restoration and
it was amazing! After, she told us she wanted to be baptized when she comes to know that the church is true. And then out of know where her less active friend bore her testimony to her, saying how much the gospel has blessed her and her family. The spirit was very strong and I think it had a big impact on both of them! So that was pretty cool.

This week we met with Mark again he is the guy that we found last week who came to church. But we got a text from him one day at 1 a.m. Saying "Elders I messed up, I failed God. I really need Jesus Christ's help right now." So we went over that next day and had a great lesson with him! He started saying that he felt he wasn't worthy of Gods love. So we went on to tell him that we all are human and we all mess up. We told him that's why we have the atonement and because of Christ we have second chances and all the guilt he feels will be replaced with peace. After, he went on to say he wants to follow God, but doesn't want to commit yet because he feels like he will mess up. We told him that God wants him to follow him now! It's the only way that you'll be able to stop these things. We then went on to talk about repentance and baptism. The spirit was very strong in our discussion and we invited him to be baptized. At first he was a little hesitant, but then he thought for a little bit and said he wanted to do it. So we came up with a date and he committed to May 1st! That's a day before my birthday so that would be the greatest birthday present ever! It was such a good experience. Ever since that day he got a job and every thing has been going better in his life! He told us he knew it was God blessing him.

Also last night Elder Bingham and I were having a good talk about our mission experience. I looked back at my life and was thinking "what if I never went on a mission?" I am so glad I did! My life would be a lot different if I didn't. My testimony has grown so much and now I truly know what the gospel is about. It's brought so much joy and happiness to my life I can't explain it. It's very hard knowing that many people don't have this happiness. That's why I am so grateful I am out here sharing this message with others. And the spirit of missionary work is unbelievable. If you've served or are serving a mission you'll understand. But even if you haven't served you can still the spirit of missionary work by sharing the gospel. So my challenge to you this week is just reach out to one person this week and tell them how the gospel as blessed your life. I promise you'll make a big difference.

 I'd love to hear from all of you about your week! I love you all!

Much Love,

Elder Jeppson

Happy Birthday!!

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