Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!!:)

Good morning to all of you and happy belated Mother's Day for all you mothers and future mothers! 

This week was really good for me. We didn't teach as much as we usually do but the quality of the lessons we had this week were amazing! So let's get into it!

On Tuesday we got a referral from missionaries in Florida, so the same night we got it we went over and visited these people. And the people we met are probably the most pure in heart family I have ever met! They are an elderly couple from Jamaica! But as we got talking to them we found out that one day while they were in Florida they were sitting in their car in a parking lot and two sister missionaries came by and knocked on the car window. They got talking and the missionaries found out that the man (H*****) has cancer and the woman (C****) needs a liver transplant. So they started talking about priesthood authority and said that they had some Elders that could give them a blessing of healing. So after all this they moved to New York and we got in contact with them. We got talking and ever since their blessings C**** got a call from the hospital saying that they had a liver transplant for her after waiting for 3 years! And Horace has been gaining his strength back since the blessing! Two big miracles right there! But we got talking and we found out that they really want to get baptized.
They really believe that this is the true church! It is so inspiring to see the faith they have! They both have had tough situations and are still praising good and thanking him for their trials. They know that as long as they stay true to Christ everything will be okay. They are so down to earth and amazing! We've been there twice now and every time that we have walked in the door they said "oh praise God, thank you for being here". So awesome!

We also met with Ashley this week! She Is doing good. We found out that her biggest concern right now is her husband! He doesn't like the fact she is coming to our church so he gets mad at her and won't let her take her kids with her to church. She told us they had like a 2 hour argument about it the other night and she just told him off and said she'll go to this church if she wants! She is so solid. We read the book of Mormon with her this week and she is coming to really enjoy it. She is gonna start reading it with her children so it's great. So she is doing good.

We also met with Thomas again. He has been reading from the Book of Mormon lately and really enjoys it! He said again "Every church needs to use the book of Mormon". He is such a solid guy. He is kinda in the same situation as Ashley though! His family is deeply rooted in the baptist church so he feels like they will be disappointed with him if he comes to our church.  But he said something really cool though. He said when he goes back to Nigeria (in like 3 months) He is gonna walk into our church there. And when his family sees how nice the Mormon are there and how great the church is, they will all start wanting to join. So his plan is when he goes back to Nigeria he'll be baptized.
Quote of the day goes to him! We were asking him if he was gonna do anything special for his wife for Mother's Day and he said no, so we asked why not and he said "Because she isn't my mother, it's Mother's Day not wife's day". Then he said "So there's probably gonna be a fight on Mother's Day now". He is such a funny old man haha. I have met some of the greatest people out here.

Also as we all know yesterday was Mother's Day so it was so good to talk to my mother and family. Some people get homesick when they Skype but when Skype it jut gives me more motivation to work hard for them! It's always good to see the support that comes from them. I love you mom! You're the best. :) 

My invitation this week is to take some time out of your days and think of ways that your mothers have raised you to live happy and righteous lives. I've been pondering about this all week and my mother has done so much for me. Everyday should be Mother's Day! Have a nice week y'all! Thanks for all the letters and emails I have received.

Much love

Elder Jeppson

Time for a hair cut

A member made my mom an apron for Mother's Day

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