Wednesday, May 25, 2016

International Faith Meeting

Sorry I'm so late with this, we had interviews with president so p-day got pushed back to today! But anyways I got a new area! I'm in Park Slope, Brooklyn! It's amazing how diverse this place really is. We have about everything in our area. We've got some super rich people and the poorest of poor. We also have the Brooklyn bridge in our area so we go by there on p-days and then there's this place called Brooklyn bridge park where we play basketball on a platform built out on the water! It's really cool. I had never imagined myself playing ball in the hood of downtown Brooklyn with some homies! It's so sweet! Also I got a new companion and his name is Elder Hunt! He is a stud! He is the hardest worker I've seen, but on the other hand is super funny and makes this work fun! We're getting along real well. But like I said earlier this area is super great! There is always people to talk to! We have this thing in our mission where we are supposed to talk to 15 new people about the church each day also known as "Planting seeds", but here we are able to talk to like 50+ each day so it's great! I love the city it is such a neat experience. This place from my other areas feels like a completely different mission. We walk so much here so I'm always hungry and when we get home my legs are dead! It makes me feel like a worked super hard so that's good.  But let me get into my week

So we met this guy named Pete this week! He has been investigating the church for about two weeks now. Last time Elder Hunt went over there, they taught Pete and his mom, but this time his mom wouldn't come out of her room for some reason. But don't worry Pete wanted to listen! He invited his friend over, and his name is Paul. We just started talking to get to know them and we found out that both of them weren't living the best lives a couple years ago. Pete used to be into drugs and was involved in a gang and Paul had similar experiences. We found out that just last months Pete started to believe in God. He realized the life he was living was just dragging him and his family down. So just a month ago he had an experience where he was in danger but somehow he got out of it and a voice whispered to him saying "Pete I am here". He realized that, that had to be God. So he prayed for the first time in his life and that moment. What a powerful experience that is! We ended up having a great lesson with them on the restoration and the spirit was so strong! I think it's the strongest I have felt during a lesson. So when I realized I was feeling it I asked them how they felt. And they said "peaceful, I'm not worried about anything right now". So we explained to him that was the spirit, and we told them that if he stayed on this path he can have the spirit to be with him always and can live a happier life. He is now preparing for a baptismal date on June 19th! The lord is truly preparing these people. These are the kind of experiences that keep you going when times get hard!

Also we had the opportunity to go to this international faith meeting in Brooklyn city hall! It was probably on of the coolest experiences I've had! There was over 200 different pastors, priests, bishops, chaplains, reverends, Jews, and Muslims there! Elder Hunt and I were the youngest people in there by far. It was so cool to see so many religions get together! We had the president of the Brooklyn borough come speak to us about how we need to unite and fight against the hardships of the world! It was so cool! Everybody was shouting their "hallelujahs", "amens", and other loud praises. There was also a lady that sang to us and everybody was just getting so pumped up and singing along. I'll send some videos of it! But the coolest part about it is that we got to share our beliefs with so many of them! We planted a lot of seeds there!

I am just loving it here! This is the hardest I have worked on my mission and I have never been more happy! It is so fulfilling knowing that I am giving my all to Heavenly Father. It's so crazy to think about a year ago I would be having anxiety attacks thinking about talking in front of people, but now I am in a leadership position so I've given many trainings in front of missionaries and  I'm able to talk to random strangers on the street without freaking out! I have a huge testimony and I am proof of the scripture Ether 12:27 in the Book of Mormon where the lord says "I will make weak things become strong unto you". I know the lord keeps his promises! I know it was only because of him that I got through this anxiety, and what a blessing that is to me! Don't give up everyone. Take this promise to heart that the lord can make your weaknesses become strengths.

I love where I'm at right now, I love missionary work, but mostly I love the lord! Have a great week all! I'm sorry I didn't write any of you this week, but I promise I will next week! I love you all!!

Elder Jeppson

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