Monday, May 30, 2016

The Gospel Will Strengthen Your Family

Hello y'all,

It was another great week in Brooklyn! I keep on learning and growing as a missionary! I was once again reminded this week that when you're diligent and obedient then you are a lot happier and things just seem to fall into place! I'll give some examples a little later, but let's get into the week!

So this week I have just been trying to enjoy everything around me! Sometimes I overlook the fact that I'm in one of the greatest cities in the world! So we have just been trying to enjoy the scenery. We actually go running on the Brooklyn bridge for morning workouts so that's awesome! Never thought I would be doing that. Also the New York life style is something else! People are so shocked when we say hi to them and everything is just so fast pace! It's pretty cool how big of a difference the city is from Long Island. We have one unique mission. 

Anyways remember last week when I mentioned we have the super rich and classy, and on the other hand we have the really ghetto? So yeah I saw more of the ghetto this week. There was a group of like 300+ teenagers walking down this street next to a shopping center, so I was like what the heck is going on? And then this guy said to me "these kids all storm into a store and steal as much stuff as they can, Like a month ago they tasered some lady and then stole her wallet" These kids are nuts! What has this generation come to? But don't worry the cops finally caught on and now every time they see a big group of kids they call for back up and like 40 cops follow them around. Welcome to New York!

But on a spiritual side, we met with Pete again this week! We had a great lesson about the Book of Mormon with him! He is now reading a chapter a day! He even brought up repentance and baptism too, he told us he was gonna get baptized on June 26th so that's really cool! He showed up to church yesterday and he just loved it. He said he likes how we are actually quiet and not yelling like other churches. He said he really felt the spirit! I don't know how I got so lucky to meet this kid! He is so pure in heart and just has the best desires. After he is baptized he is going off to the army so that's cool! I love that guy!

We also met a couple this week named Rosa and Jesus! They are also so prepared for the gospel. Jesus has been through a lot in his life and has a lot of questions about life. It's so great because the gospel answers every single one of them! We talked about how the gospel will strengthen his family relationships and bring safety to his family from what's going on in the world! After we said this, he just bursted into tears and told us this is what he has been waiting for! Again, I don't know why I have been so blessed to come across these amazing people! The spirit was so strong in that discussion I'll tell you that!

When it comes down to it I would say that this mission has saved my life! I had another experience where I was shown that the mission has helped me overcome anxiety. I gave a talk in church yesterday which isn't a big deal, but the big thing was I wasn't asked until the night before! I know if I was at home I would've been freaking out and most likely would've said no. But I was able to happily say yes without any worries! Also if I didn't come out here I would've never met these amazing people! They have opened my eyes up to so many different things and I just have a great love for them! I do not even want to imagine my life if I wasn't out here! I truly understand what it means to be converted to the gospel now, and what a blessing that is!

Thanks for all the love and emails! Keep them coming and I'll do my best to respond. Have a great week! 

Much love,

Elder Jeppson

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