Monday, June 13, 2016

Diligence is the Key to Missionary Work and Life

Good morning everyone,

I hope that you all have a had a good week. I sure did! Things are heating up here in downtown Brooklyn, both in temperature and with the work! It's like 90 everyday but it sucks because of the humidity! Sweating like a pig our here. But we are also running 3 miles in the morning then lifting weights at the other Elders apartment, so I'm down 10 pounds since I've been in this area! My beach bod is well on its way. ;) But anyways like I said earlier the work is heating up here as well so let's get into that!

So this week we weren't able to meet with Pete, but we were able to meet with his mom Eve! We have a member that just moved in that came up to us last Sunday and said that he won't be working for the next two weeks, so anytime we need him to go teaching, he'll be there. Wow, what a blessing that is. So we took him with us to Eve's house and we had the best lesson with her about the Book of Mormon! Brother Smith, the member, bore his powerful testimony on how the Book or Mormon has blessed his life! He also shared his wife's conversion story and what she needed to go through to get her answers! The spirit was so strong, and you could tell Eve was feeling it. She committed to reading a chapter a day! Yay. She also came to Church yesterday! She wasn't gonna come because she really hurt her foot, but she just had a strong feeling that she needed to come so she did! She loved it and all the members just took her like she was family. Her baptism is in two weeks so that's exciting!

We also met with this lady named Consuela! She was in Utah a few weeks ago for some conference, and she met a lady and they got talking about our religion. She was really drawn to it because all of the Mormons she met were super nice to her! She said that we are just "beautiful people". But she had us over and we brought brother Smith with us again, and had a lesson on the restoration. It was crazy because she just totally understood the whole thing. She knows why a restoration needed to happen. She committed to be baptized on July 17th, so we're really excited about that! She also came to church and said she "loved how I felt through the meeting". The spirit does wonders. We will be meeting again with her Wednesday, I'll let you know how it goes.

So the work is great right now! We have 6 people and baptismal date, and 5 investigators show up to church on Sunday! The bishop said it was the most he has seen since his time in this ward. For the last 4 years this area has just been dead, nobody wanted to go to Park Slope. But just in these last couple weeks the  Lord has put solid, prepared people in our path. We are just busting our butts here! Diligence is key to missionary work, or key to anything in life! It's so cool to see the lord give us these great people and the strength we need when we are so tired and just feel like we want to give up! I'm really happy with this area right now.

I have just been thinking lately and the 3 things that have helped me most on my mission is gaining charity, sincere prayer, and sincere scripture study. I think those 3 things would be the advice I would give to you future missionaries, or just anybody in their own lives. Learn how to have charity towards others and learn how to study the scriptures, and you will feel the spirit so much more in your life I can promise you that! I never thought in my life that I would desire to read! Well the Book of Mormon proved me wrong.

I'll end with a funny story! So yesterday we were in the hood, of course, and I started talking to some guy, and we were actually having a really good conversation, then out of no where this group of 5 guys came over and started talking to the guy I was with and told him that he didn't like us white boys, and that we need to leave his hood! He told us black people only. But then some other guys were defending us and told us we could stay. This didn't go to well and these two guys started getting in a fight over it so we just had to leave before it got worse. Haha it was so cool that two white guys started a fight because we were just chilling in the hood. Oh how I love the hood!

So it was a good week! Things are really picking up and I'm just having the time of my life. Thanks for all the love and prayers! Have a great week all

Elder Jeppson

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