Monday, June 6, 2016

You're Happiest When You Forget Yourself and Serve

Hello all,

It was another good week here in the hood! We didn't teach to much but we had fun! We met with Pete again though! He invited his mom and his friend to sit in on the lesson! We had a great discussion about the plan of salvation and they both excepted a baptismal date for June 26th! We now have four people on baptismal date for that day!! So they are doing great right now!

We also met with a guy named Sebastian who actually stopped and talked to us and wanted us to come over to his house! He is really struggling in his life and just wants the best for his family! So we went over and just talked about how the gospel will bless, strengthen, and unify our family relationships! He was so pumped about that, he excepted a baptismal date for the end of June as well.

Other then that we just did a lot of service this week! We do 4 hours of service for this park each week and this week we put up a fence! Other days this week we helped some lady who is a hoarder clean up her house a bit! You do the weirdest service on a mission! I have gained so much random experience it's crazy! But the best thing about it is that service pleases others and softens people hearts. When you forget about yourself and just serve others that's when you are the happiest.

We also had exchanges this week with Elder Voorhees and Garcia! We went over to their place for the night. We went up on their roof and they have a perfect view of the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, and all of Manhattan! It was so cool. We had like a super deep talk about life and what we think our lives would be like if we didn't serve missions! We all know that we wouldn't be as happy as we are if we didn't serve! It was a good night. Then in the morning Elder Garcia and I were together and I learned a lot from him. He is the most charitable guy I know and truly knows how to love people! Such a stud! He's from Hawaii so it makes sense.

Today we played some basketball again!! It's so funny because we show up and we're just white boy's from Utah and all the homies there think they are just gonna ball on us! But today we beat 3 different teams and went undefeated! I never pictured myself balling up the homies at their own game in downtown Brooklyn haha.

So not much happened this week but it was a good learning week! There is always new ways that we can improve as missionaries and people in general. Have a great week all! 

Much love!

Elder Jeppson

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