Monday, July 11, 2016

Go to the Temple as Much as You Can

Happy day family and friends,

So it was an interesting week here in Brooklyn!

Like I said last week that I went to the temple! Wow I love the temple so much. It's not easy only being able to go every six months. For those of you that have the opportunity, go as much as you can! You are lucky to live 5 minutes away from the temple. But anyways I just think it's so cool that we have a temple in the middle of a really busy city with people honking their horns all the time and making noise, but then you go into the temple and you can't hear a thing and it's so peaceful. Super cool!

The people are doing great here! We finished up all the lessons with Pete and Eve! Edve had to go out of town for military training for two weeks but when she gets back we are gonna review the baptismal interview questions and they'll be getting baptized! It was cool because we taught all these commandments this last week and they just accepted them with faith and were totally willing to sacrifice whatever It took. Wow they are a great example to me! Also Pete is like our best friend now and hangs out with us on p-days! We play basketball with him every week. He's the man!

We had one day this week where we literally didn't have a break! In the morning we did service for two hours doing yard work, and literally right after we had a lesson with Marianne. She is doing so good right now! She came to church again and we had a lesson on the word of wisdom and she just excepted it like it wasn't a big deal! She said she'd do anything to follow God's commandments! Then immediately after that we had a lesson with Pam! We talked about being baptized by proper priesthood authority and she understands that she needs to be. She said she thinks she'll be ready for July 31st for baptism. And then immediately after Pam we went to Conseula's house! We had the member from Utah, FaceTime into our lesson. We talked about the Celestial Kingdom and the member bore her testimony on having an eternal family! She was tearing up while she did so and the spirit was so strong. Consuela said she wants that for her family! She decided that she'll be ready for the 31st as well! So if everything goes as planned we will have FIVE baptisms on July 31st! Wow I am so excited for that day. It'll be right after church so all the ward members will be there and it's just going to be a great spiritual experience! I feel so blessed that the lord has led me to meet all these amazing people.

One last story! So we met this lady yesterday and her son just got baptized in Florida. She told us his conversion story and it is intense! Her son was in the hospital with heart problems, then while in the hospital he had a heart attack and died! He said he went to a peaceful place and Christ was there and gave him a hug and said "son now is not your time, go back and accept my church and pray about its message." His spirit then came back into his body and he woke up! The doctors had previously determined him dead so they were so shocked when they saw him wake up!! So while we were teaching his mom we just kept on referring back to her son's experience on how this has to be the true church otherwise her son wouldn't have had this experience and accepted this church. She totally agreed and said she would read and pray about the Book of Mormon! She also accepted to be baptized!
Miracles are happening all over his place! So so blessed!!

Super spiritual week for me! No death threats this week or any crazy experience for me, so I guess that's good. Elder Shepherd is doing good. He's finally starting to be "less" awkward in lessons so that's good! Haha. He'll get it soon. Anyways have a great week Fam! I love you all

Elder Jeppson

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