Tuesday, July 5, 2016

I've Never Been Happier

Good morning Everyone, and happy late Fourth of July!

I'm writing today because I'm going to the temple today which I'm pretty excited about! But anyways our week was pretty good! Like I told you last week I am training now. My trainees name is Elder Shepherd and he's just a cute little guy. He's and corky, awkward, funny kid from Vernal Utah. He has a thick accent that everybody here likes point out to him constantly. Haha anyways he's picking missionary work up pretty quickly! He's super knowledgable about the gospel and has a lot of fire to work!

So we had some funny experiences this week while we were street contacting. We talked to some really cool black guy that was just jacked out of his mind!! Wow his biceps were huge! But anyways he told us that we were straight Gangstas! But not the dummies running around in the street, but Gangstas for God. Haha it was awesome. 

Then there was another lady I talked to and I offered her a card and then she went on to shout some choice words that aren't so nice and then told me shove the card up my... you know what. I was laughing so hard on the inside! But I said "oh.. Well that kinda hurt", and She then went on to say some other things so I decided I should probably leave and I told her that if there was anything we could do to help her to give us a call. It was a fun experience. :)

Now the people!

So Pete and Eve are doing great! Elder Hunt said bye to them for the last time last Monday and it was super sad! We were all crying and stuff. It made me realize how much I truly love these people! Before I left on my mission my Dad gave me one piece of advice and it was "Just love the people". I've been trying to figure out what that truly meant my whole mission, and this experience was the answer to that question! I really feel like they are family to me! Pete is my brother. He even said that he honestly will fly out to Utah and spend a week with Elder Hunt and I. It was such a special experience. These are times that you look for on a mission. Anyways they are still looking good for baptism this month.

Also Marianne is doing great! She was the one that walked into Church last week and wants to be baptized. So she showed up to church again and stayed all three hours! She said she kept on getting the chills all throughout the meeting because she was feeling the spirit so strong! We then had a lesson with her after church and it went super well. She knows the Book of Mormon is true already! So we pushed her baptismal date up to July 31st instead of August 14th! That's how much she is progressing! Wow I don't know how we got so blessed to come across her.

Consuela and Pam are doing good as well! We didn't get to meet with Consuela this week but she came to church and still wants to be baptized. We gonna push her date back a week so she can be completely ready though! We also had a good lesson with Pam this week. She said she still wants to be baptized but she wants to be completely ready and willing to commit to this for the rest of her life. So she'll come around in the next few months.

In the end we had 5 investigators show up to church on Sunday! It was such a blessing to see them all walk in! The ward did so good with fellowshipping them as well! Bishop has already set home teachers for them so that they can already feel apart of the ward.

I am definitely at the best part of my mission so far!! I've never been happier and it makes me want to work as hard as I can because I only have a year left! I love my mission and the Lord so much. Thank you for all your prays, they have definitely gotten me to the point I am today! Have a great week all

Oh one last thing! Yesterday we were playing a little bit of basketball and I was guarding this really good black kid and he ended up full on dunking on me and I took a tumble. Haha it was embarrassing but pretty cool that I'm getting balled up in Brooklyn. I'll send you a video of him dunking!

With love and care,

Elder Jeppson

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