Monday, July 25, 2016

Kidney Stones are NOT Fun

Good day family and friends,

So it has been a hectic 24 hours for me haha! So I woke up Sunday morning with some random stomach pain but I didn't think anything of it. But as we were at church and working through the day it started do hurt real bad. So we went home and it was like 9 pm and I just tried to go straight to sleep but that didn't work. I tried medicine and everything and nothing worked! So it was so much pain I lowered my pride and I finally called president Reynolds at 2 in the morning and told me what was going down. He told me to go to the emergency room and get things figured out. So we got there at 3 am and they did an ultrasound on me so that was cute. The reason they did the ultrasound was because I guess I was peeing blood. They said there is only blood in your Pee when you have an STD or a kidney stone haha. So we come to see that I peed out this kidney stone around 5:30 a.m. Fun times! We had to walk there so it was pretty scary walking in down town Brooklyn
at 3 a.m!! But all is well and I feel better.

Everything is going great right now! We actually taught the law of chastity 3 times this week and they were all to black old ladies! Haha so that was fun. So Consuela and Marianne will be interviewed this week and will be getting baptized this upcoming Sunday! Pete and Eve are going to be the following Sunday because we don't feel like they are fully ready quite yet! But  things are still going well with them. We have some others on baptismal date for August so we'll see how that goes. So good work is going on here.

We also met a super cool lady named Nina while we were knocking in the projects! It's always fun knocking in project buildings. So much weed and fun things like that. But we talked to her at her door and she let us right in! As we got through the discussion she told us that she never answers the door for strangers, but something kept telling her to let us in. She kept on telling us how happy she was that we came by and says that she wants us to teach her husband as well! She even has a co worker who is Mormon and has talked to her before but she never gave her a Book of Mormon! She was so happy when we gave her a copy! So moral of the story, share the gospel with your friends and don't be afraid to give them a Book of Mormon.
So last story has to deal with "The Great Elder Shepherd". We were at a members for lunch yesterday and the member was asking us where we were all from. She asked Elder Shepherd and he said vernal and then she said "oh I went to the vernal temple open house a long time ago". Then he said "oh I wasn't even there yet" (implying that it was a long time ago). And she took it as that he was calling her old and she didn't like that very much. So he reached out and touched her shoulder and said "sorry I didn't mean it that way, I'm just socially awkward". Hahaha it was the funniest thing ever! You just had to be there.

So it was quite the week for me! Kidney stones are not fun, Elder Shepherd is socially awkward, and we have two baptisms next week!! I'm so excited. I'll send pictures next week! Have a great week all! Much love

Elder Jeppson

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