Monday, May 16, 2016

Last Week in Lynbrook

Good morning family,

So this was my last week in lynbrook! I will be getting transferred! I don't know where yet, all I know is that I have been called as a district leader! I'm pretty nervous about that but it will be good for me.  I am pretty sad that I'm leaving Lynbrook, it was not easy! But I am excited for a new start!

So this week we met with the Elderly couple H***** and C****! We had a really good lesson with them about priesthood authority. H***** is really struggling with his health right now and he is feeling a lot of pain, so we offered to give him a blessing. In the blessing it was said as long as he continues to learn and apply the gospel he will be given the strength to overcome what he is dealing with. They told us again that they are just going to listen to what we say and apply it! And also that they want to be baptized! So they are coming along very well!

We also met with our good friend Joshua! He is a young father from Nigeria. He is a really cool guy! He told us that he has learned more from us then he has at his own church! And the only reason that is, is because of the spirit! He told us he wants to start bringing his family to our church so we will see! He also told us that we have become some of his closest friends! He wants to come visit us out in Utah when we go home! In my patriarchal blessing it was said that I would meet life long friends out here so that is coming true! It is such cool to experience to see it happen.

Saying goodbye to all the members and people I have been working with was really hard! I really feel like they have become my family! I cannot imagine my life if I didn't come out on a mission and meet these amazing people! As my mission has gone bye I've realized that the only thing that truly matters is family! And the only way to keep your family together is the gospel! So when times get hard my greatest motivation becomes my family now and my future family! I've been so blessed with my family and the people I've served among.

We also had a general authority come to our mission this week! His name is Elder C. Scott Grow. Funny name huh? He was telling us a story where he was playing the piano at a leaders meeting and President Uchtdorf was there. And he came up to Elder Grow while he was playing the piano and gave him a great big hug from behind and said "see Scott Grow? No, see Scott play". It's cool to see that the general authorities are real people. But anyways Elder Grow talked a lot about after the mission and how we need to be life long converts. He was so personable and made us feel so good about ourselves. He didn't lay down any new rules or anything he was just there to uplift us! It was such a cool experience.

Also one of the missionaries in my district is going home this week so the ward had him give a talk yesterday! He talked about what he has learned on his mission and how he has changed. He shared an experience where in the MTC he was feeling very homesick so right then he said a prayer and asked if Heavenly Father would take away the homesickness then he would be exactly obedient and work his hardest! And he said for the next two years he didn't feel homesick once. It was exactly what I needed to hear! So my goal has been to give it my all so I don't have any regrets when I go home like I've said before. I'm really gonna miss that guy! He has taught my a lot on my mission. He also talked about serving others and how that has changed him! It is such a blessing to serve others! I've noticed when I am helping others that is when I am the happiest.

So it was a pretty good week! The spirit was strong and I was led on what I could change to be a better missionary. I am excited for my new journey and I can't wait to just serve the people. Have a great week all! 

Much love,

Elder Jeppson

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