Monday, August 1, 2016

Fourth Times the Charm

Good morning family and friends, I hope life is treating you all well! We had quite a good week ourselves so let's get into it! 

So first of all some of you may know, but we got Facebook back!! We had members from the mission department come drill is about it. So I will not be able to message or comment back sadly, but feel free to tag me in pictures and comment on things! It'll be really good in helping the work move forward in NYC!

Also, the work is going well this week! We picked up a new investigator named Brett this week and he's a 14 year old stud! He really wants to be baptized! So when we went to his house this week his dad let us in and was giving us the dirtiest look! As we were going through out the lesson his dad kept popping in and showing us how opposed he was to our teachings. He said "I don't want my son believing that". So he was super hard hearted. Then we were talking to Brett and  he told me that his dad really likes football! So I turned around in my chair and brought up football with his dad and he went on and on about anything football and he even likes John Elway so we clicked there! So we had a little bonding time and it was cute. He then brought up religion and told us how he wants his kids to be able to know Jesus Christ and live good lives so he told us he wants us to continue working with him and said we can come over whenever we want!! Wow football softens hearts I'll tell you that!! What a miracle that was. I thought for sure he was not going to let Brett get baptized, but wow I was wrong. 

Also this week we were lifting weights and Elder Shepherd was lifting and he did more this week then last week so I said "wow that was really good" then he said in his cute, nasally, nerdy voice  "Don't doubt the Shepherd". Haha I was rolling on the ground!! Maybe you just had to be there, but I thought it was funny. 

Earlier This week Consuela and Marianne got interviewed for baptism! So right before Lorraine's interview I asked if she was ready, and all she said was "Lamb to the slaughter" haha she is such a funny lady! But her and Consuela both passed so that's good! And then finally Sunday came!! Both Marianne and Consuela were super late to Church! We were so worried when they didn't show up. But then they finally came and told us that They had a lot of distractions this morning. Satan really tried to stop them from being baptized, but it DIDN'T work!!! After church They both went to change into their white jumpsuits and Lorraine comes out and says "I'm ready to go to space" (implying she looked like an astronaut) it was so funny and cute! :) But then the service happened and the relief society sisters sang "When I am Baptized" and immediately invited the spirit. Marianne asked me to baptize her so we went first and it took four times haha!! She isn't the smallest lady. So finally I had her kneel down at it worked the fourth time! I felt so bad for her but she was so willing! Then Consuela went and Elder Shepherd got to baptize her! It was so cool to see him experience that on his first transfer! After they got changed They both bore their testimonies and it was so precious! Consuela did great and talked about why she likes this church, then Marianne got up and her testimony got me! She talked about how we found her and how this is the only church that she has felt the spirit at. She then said she felt at peace and clean and at that moment I felt the spirit so strong feeling that Heavenly Father was proud of me and that I found one of those people that my patriarchal blessing said I would. Wow these experiences make all the rejection and hard times worth it. I'm so happy right now! These are definitely special special people! 

So that was our glorious week!! Please email me and let me how everything is with you guys! I love you all!

Elder Jeppson

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