Monday, August 15, 2016

Jesus Wants to Forgive

Good morning to you all on this beautiful summer day wherever you may be around the world!

This week was kind of a slow compared to past couple weeks but it was still a good one!

So this last week New York has been in what they call a "heat Dome" where it has been between 90 and 100 degrees everyday. But because of the humidity it feels like 115! It's quite unfortunate if you ask me. So within the first 5 minutes we leave our house we are already soaked in sweat! Wow it sucks. The best part about it is we pass the ocean everyday and aren't allowed to go swimming. :') it's a rough life. But it's okay I'm still having fun.

Funny story! So we got a call from Elder Garcia and Parrish Tuesday night but we were in a lesson. So I texted them asking what was up and they said "you know, just Stuck in an elevator". Ha, so we ran to the church and tried our best to open the elevator door but it wasn't even close. So we called a mechanic and an hour later he showed up but we had to go to another lesson. So the mechanic had no way to get into the building. Finally we came back and called the mechanic again and he showed up an hour later! He finally got them out! They were stuck for 2 1/2 hours overall! Haha it was the funniest ever! They made a whole video series and it's so funny. Good times.

This week we saw Pete about 5 times. All 5 times we had really good lessons that applied exactly to what he was going through. He even told us "hey it's like God is talking directly to me". Good job Pete you're getting it. But for some reason he still slept in so he didn't come to church. We even went to knock in his door and he slept right
through it. Oh Pete, he's a silly one. But we did see him Sunday night and he asked when he could get baptized, so we told him he needs to come to church twice in a row. So he promised that he Would come every week until he leaves to the military on September 9th. He's still super solid. But yesterday he invited his friend over and we had a really good discussion with her! She told us that she used to go to church, pray and all that, but for the last two years she hasn't made the best choices. So we asked her if she still prays and she said she doesn't because she feels good wouldn't answer her prays because she is doing bad things. So we testified to her that no matter what we do God loves us and will forgive us. She was still hesitant about it so we showed her the video
"Jesus wants to forgive". If you haven't seen it I would strongly recommend it. It's about a guy who was involved in drugs, alcohol, and robberies and long story short he messed up more then once but was still forgiven. It is super cool! So we could tell the video really hit her and she told us she would pray that night and it would be the first time in 2 years! Also she agreed to have the missionaries in her area visit her! Super cool!

Also we met with Pam this week. She has been under the radar the last couple weeks but we finally got her this week! She called us 30 minutes before we went to her house and asked us If there was anything that we wanted her to read before we came. So 2 Nephi 31 came to mind. We got to her house and the first thing she tells us was "God told me I'm ready". I was PUMPED!! She then went on to explain that while she was reading that chapter she had to stop in the middle of it because she was feeling the spirit so strong. She said "this is the first time I've felt like I've gotten an honest answer to my prayers". She told us she was going to start coming to church every week and we set her baptismal date for sept 18th! Wow she is getting it. It was so cool.

So that was our week! Full of Hot days, miracles here and there, a few good byes, and corky Elder Shepherd jokes. Good times! I hope you all have a great week! 


Elder Jeppson

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