Monday, October 10, 2016

A Good Leader is one who is a Friend

Good morning everyone! I hope all is well

As for me! Wow it was a really great week! Let's get right into it!

So first of all on Tuesday night we had the privilege of having President Reynolds come out teaching with us! It was an amazing experience. We taught The T***** family who are less active. Usually when we go over there the kids are all rowdy, the mom is trying to come them down, and the dad usually just chills there. But when we brought President Reynolds they were on their best behavior and fully engaged in the conversation. We talked about faith and President just went off about how the only way we can be truly unified and happy as a family is if the Book of Mormon and the gospel is the foundation of our home. He testified that when he and his family were reading the Book of Mormon and Praying as a family they were the happiest and were able to resist temptation. The spirit was so strong in their home that night. It totally had a big impact on the parents. You could definitely tell that they were pondering and motivated to do better! 

We then taught another member who is returning to activity. She has been doing really good!! I don't know if I told this story already but I'm going to again. There was a point where she wasn't even coming to church then she started to let the missionaries come by. She came back to church and was pretty consistent about it. We then asked her if she wanted to go to the temple but she said no because she was scared that we did weird things in there lol. But then we taught her about the Book of Mormon and she started reading 15 chapters a day and finished it in less then a month. She then went and did baptism for the dead and is now working towards her endowments! This last week we talked about missionary work with her and President was so great in this lesson. We asked her if she would allow us to teach any of her family of friends and she said "its crazy that you mentioned this because I just referred the missionaries to go see my sister". President told her by sharing her testimony with her sister and others Is fulfilling her missionary responsibilities! And by doing missionary work she will truly become converted to the gospel! So she is just amazing! Miracles yeah!

On Friday we had what we call "Mission Leadership Council" where all the leadership of the mission gets together and talk about what our missions needs help with. And one of the assistance gave a Training on leading by example and truly loving the missionaries you serve. It really made me ponder of what kind of leader I am and who I need to be. Because there is a big difference in leaders who love and listen to you and are willing to get down and help lift you up and leaders who just yell at you and saw you need to do better. A good leader isn't one who is a great public speaker or really knowledgeable about things, it's one who is a friend, who loves, lifts and inspires. It was a really good lesson for me to learn! 

Then on Saturday we took C******* to the Temple!! It was such a cool experience! We had a member come with us and he got to baptize her! She said she loved the spirit in the temple! I also was able to confirm I few people so that was cool! It brought back memories when my Boy Jon campbell took us to the temple every Friday morning before school! After she took us to this really fancy Manhattan restaurant that was not cheap! But hey she insisted that she should pay so I didn't complain! 

So it was a great week for us but also our zone! We had 6 baptisms and 1 temple trip!! Miracles in the Brooklyn Zone! 

Have a great week all. Much love! 

Elder Jeppson

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