Monday, October 3, 2016

New York, the City of Dreams

Hello from the other side! :) New York the city of dreams.

So this week was solid!! There was a lot of distractions because of Mission meetings and general conference so the work was a little slower but it was still good! 

First and foremost, T*** is a such a stud! Man this guy watched all sessions on general conference and just loved it! We met with him earlier in the week and he is just so stoked to get baptized! Everytime we go over there he just brings up the fact of how happy he is to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost! Sometimes we don't realize how blessed we really are to have the Holy Ghost! Sometimes we just need to step back and understand that we have the opportunity to have the 3rd member of the God head with us constantly if we are worthy of it! With the Holy Ghost we can overcome anything life and Satan throws at us! That's why Troy is such a good example to me!

Also we met with C*******this week. Just a reminder, she's one of our recent converts. But this week we talked about the temple with her and she's actually going to go to baptisms for the dead this Saturday! I'm so excited for her. It's cool to see how strong she has been ever since she's been baptized. I know the temple will continue to help her stay active. 

While we're on the subject, we also have another member named W****** going to the temple on October 29th! But he's actually going to take his endowments out!! I've been working with him ever since I've been to this area! There was a period of time where he didn't come to church for 5 weeks! It's been cool to see the change in Him because within 5 months he went from being very less active to fully active and preparing to go to the temple! It's been so cool to work with him!  So miracles are just all over the place this transfer! 

I hope everyone enjoyed Conference this weekend! It seems that it gets better and better every time! I learned so much and I had a lot of my questions answered! My favorite talk Though was by LeGrand R. Curtis in the priesthood Session! He talked about the Book of Mormon and it was straight fire! I really liked when he said, "we need to make the Book of Mormon the foundation of our family and home." It made me think of how much the Book of Mormon has shaped my testimony and helped me through hard times on the mission. It's crazy every time I sincerely study the Book of Mormon I always feel the spirit so strong and it makes me never want to sin again haha. I've seen it truly change lives out here! All the people that I've seen get baptized are because of the spirit they feel when they read the Book of Mormon. If you are CONSISTENTLY and sincerely studying the Book of Mormon you WILL NOT falter in your testimony and that's a promise. So my challenge to you is make the Book of Mormon the foundation of your home. :) 
Conference Yeah!

But yeah it was a good week!! I hope you all have a great day! Much Love 

Elder Jeppson

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