Monday, October 24, 2016

You Make the Work Really Fun

Good morning everyone!

So it's cooling down here in the Big City! These last few days have been rainy and windy but we're still having fun! It was another great week for us! But honestly the good stuff only happened during exchanges so sorry but this whole email will be about my exchanges 

So first of all last Monday night we had exchanges and I was with a guy named Elder Calhoon! He's a funny missionary and he kinda looks like a sloth lol. But Monday night we were out talking to people on the street and we ran into these two guys sitting on a bench. It started out okay, he was talking to me but then out of no where he looks at Elder Calhoon and starts trying to tear him down. He tried to say things that were wrong about our church and tried to like destroy  Elder Calhoon's testimony. When he realized that is wasn't going to work he started yelling and said "get the F out of here otherwise I'm going to kill you". He literally was like an inch or two from Elder Calhoon's face. I started to walk away but realized the Calhoon was in shock and wasn't going to move, so I had to pull him away before he got punched. As we were walking away some lady stopped us and told us she was with Christ and she felt that, that guy had a Demond in him. After she said that it all made sense. We had a bad feeling about the guy but we talked it him anyways and his whole motive was to tear us down. The devils got a hold on people's hearts out here. I'm so glad that Elder Calhoon didn't get punched! But hey it would have made for a great mission story! 

Then on Wednesday I went on exchanges with my last companion Elder Shepherd and his companion Elder Adams. So the thing to know about these two is they are exactly the same! Both very socially awkward and very pale, white, skinny dudes. So them walking through the hood of Brooklyn is the funniest thing I've ever seen! But they are great missionaries. We actually taught four lessons and talked to a lot people on the street so it was awesome. After they told me they were grateful for that exchange because they have been in a slump for a little bit and this reminded them how happy you are when your are diligent. Elder Shepherd is a lot better at talking with people from the last time I was with him so that made me one proud father. Haha but after we got home that night and they made me play a game called dungeon and dragons. It was a cute bonding experience. 

But then Friday was the best exchange I've had! I went with a missionary named Elder Barton! He is such a stud! He has only been out for 6 months but he is the best teacher out of any missionary I have ever met! He just has so much love for people and is so sincere when he teaches. We were finishing up the exchange and I asked him if he learned anything and he told me that this was the best exchange that he has ever been on. He told me that out of all the Zone leaders he's had on his mission that I was his favorite. I told him that he didn't need to lie to me I won't be offended. But he said "no, seriously you know how to be a missionary! You lead by example and truly live the gospel, but you also make the work really fun". That was the best compliment I've ever received! It made me feel so good about myself. It helped me to have more confidence because sometimes I still feel like I'm not qualified for this position.

I love serving in this position so much now all because of the missionaries in our zone! I've definitely learned more from them then they have from me. But it has been great to help them through their hardships. 

So overall it was another great learning week! I'm just loving my mission each and everyday! Have a great week everyone! Much love 

Elder Jeppson

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