Monday, March 6, 2017

Hello Family and Friends,

So we got transfer calls this morning and I found out that I will be staying another 6 weeks here in Midwood with Elder Smith. For the record that is 8 transfers straight in Brooklyn which will add up to a year! What can I say, I love it here. I am excited to have another with Elder Smtih, we have gotten super close and he is one of my favorite companions! I've learned a lot from the guy, he definitely loves all the People he serves.

But this week was quite an interesting one! Last Sunday night I was having some bad body pains so I was pretty worried, so I asked for a blessing and in the blessing it was said that everything will go away and I won't have to worry because I am meant to finish my mission! It was so cool cause after the blessing the spirit was very strong and I could just feel the power of the Priesthood heel my pain. I started crying because of how strong the spirit was and how much of Gods Love I was feeling. It strengthened my testimony of the power of the priesthood. But because of this, the mission nurse had me go get it checked out, so I had 3 doctor appointments which took up so much
time. The good news is nothing is wrong and I can just focus here. But because we were running around with these appointment we didn't have anytime to study. So for 3 days straight we didn't study the scriptures and you could tell it had an effect on us. So on Saturday morning we finally got to sit down and study the Book of Mormon, both Elder Smith and I had very spiritual experiences reading that day. We both had questions on our mind and were both feeling discouraged but as we read we felt at peace. Right after that we had a lesson with Bradley and we were talking about the Book of Mormon. We told him of the power it has and how we feel like God was speaking to us each time we read. So he asked for an example of what answers we had received so we both got to share our studies that we had that morning with him. It was cool to see how out personal studies helped Bradley. God works in mysterious ways. Friends do not stop reading the Book of Mormon ever! It's the only thing that will help us happily get through the day and that's a promise!

Also yesterday in sacrament I was sitting there and thinking of what I could do better because it was a slow week, so I prayed asking God to send me experiences that will help shape me into the person I need to be in these last 4 months, and I kid you not that same night we had an awesome experience. We went over to Evens house and we knocked on the door and he wasn't there, so we sat and waited for like 10 minutes and he didn't show up. So we started thinking about a new plan. So we left his apartment and went down the elevator and what do you know Evens
and his family are just getting home and about to step in the elevator. We went back to his apartment and got talking and found out he is having some liver problems. So Elder Smith and I both got the impression to ask if he wanted a priesthood blessing. We explained it and he said yes, so we where about to explain that he needs to have faith and before we could he said "and so you know I do believe and have faith in God that he will heal me".  So in the blessing it was said that everything will be okay as he continues to follow God plan. After the blessing he sat there and prayed for like 5 minutes giving thanks cause he wasn't feeling pain anymore. He told us for now on he is not going to miss a Sunday of church and will always be there. It was exactly what he needed and also what I needed.

So each day I continue to see the love that God truly has for us. He knows exactly what we are going through and what we need. I am grateful for this transfer and for the things that I've learned. I am really excited for next transfer cause me and Elder Smith are gonna go so hard and baptize all of Brooklyn! I love you all. Have a great week

Elder Jeppson

I guess it's rude to not eat all the food is out so Elder Parrish
and I had like 7 plates each😅

dinner with a member fam

Exchanges with the assistants in lynbrook. I got to see some member
friends. :)

My first Zone leader came back and visited

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