Monday, November 7, 2016

"The only dog I trust is me"

Hello Everyone!

Well it's been one heck of a week! As you all know I was transferred this last week! I am still in Brooklyn but now it's southern Brooklyn in a place called Midwood! It's only been a week but I already love this place so much! People are a lot nicer and open here then they were in Parkslope so that's a blessing. It's very diverse as well! There is a lot of people from Europe, Asia, South America, Russia, the islands (Jamaica, Trinidad, Haiti, etc..), and A LOT of Jews! It's a cool area! 

My new companions name is Elder Sainteran! He is originally from Haiti but right now he lives in the Dominican Republic. And he is completely fluent in four languages!! Haitian Creole, French, Spanish, and English! Crazy stuff. He is super funny too! He reminds me a lot of my first companion Elder Barola! He says funny things all the time so I made a quote Book of him haha. We saw a dog on the sidewalk and he is really afraid of dogs so he bolts to the other side of the street and I finally catch up to him and I said dude what was that all about, and he said "The only dog I trust is me". Another funny story is we were on the bus and when you get in the bus they give you a ticket and you can't lose it because sometimes the NYPD gets on the bus and check who has their tickets and who doesn't, and if you don't you get a big fine. So the police came on the bus and of course Elder Sainteran couldn't find his ticket, so we have to get off the bus so he could look for it otherwise he'd get a big fine. He is searching through his bag and all his pockets and can't find it, but then he finally found it wrapped up in a butterfingers wrapper with chocolate all over it haha. The police man says "well looks like it's your lucky day", please note that this cop was super rude and had throwing out snarky comments. We then left and Elder Sainteran was so mad! He said "F that Effer". (But he said the real thing) And I said "dude you're a missionary, you can't go around saying that!!" He then said "oh yeah I forgot that's offensive in The U.S." I guess in Haiti they say it all the time and it means nothing. Honestly it was the funniest thing ever to hear him say that in broken English. I was rolling! 

Anyways the work this week was amazing! I got to this place and I was a little skeptical becuase honestly we had only like 2 people to teach! But then out of no where things just started going crazy this week!! We found 5 new investigators and two of them have baptismal dates for December 11th and the other ones are very promising! We even have a family of 11 people that we are teaching! It's incredible. 

Two of the people which we found are named Ed*** and Ev***! Elder Sainteran talked to Ev*** on the bus and he said that we could come over sometime and share our message. So we went over Saturday and we talked to him and his wife. He has heard a lot of false things about the church so it was good because we resolved all of his concerns. He was told that we practice polygamy and that we wouldn't allow him in the church because he wasn't a member. He then said  "I cannot believe that people lied to me and kept me from the truth" we then taught the restoration and he is preparing for baptism on Dec 11th!

Now Ed***! So Ed*** was a referral from his daughter who lives in Florida! She actually just got baptized on Saturday. So he wanted to know what the church was all about. We taught him the restoration and now he has a baptismal date for Dec 11th! After, he prayed for the first time in a long time and after he did he stood up and said "oh wow I feel good". Spirit yeah.  

So yesterday they both showed up to church and we had two other investigators show up as well! It was great because the ward fellowshipped them nicely and they had a great experience. I was talking to evens about the Book of Mormon and he told me as he started reading, the spirit was just hitting him so strong that after one page he couldn't put the book down! There is power in the Book my friends! 

So it was a really good week! This transfer is going to be really good and we are going to see a lot of miracles! Sorry this was so long, but a lot went down! Have a good week all!

Much love 

Elder Jeppson

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